Sex/Life ending: How it sets up season 2

30 June 2021, 17:42 | Updated: 30 June 2021, 17:48

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By Katie Louise Smith

Will there be another season of Sex/Life on Netflix? Sex/Life ends on a huge cliffhanger between Billie and Brad, but does that mean for season 2?

Netflix's new drama series Sex/Life is picking up quite the audience thanks to its raunchy sex scenes and full frontal moments. The show has steadily climbed its way to the top spot on Netflix's Top 10 list all around the world and people are now looking ahead to season 2.

Sex/Life season 1 follows Billie (played by Sarah Shahi) as she grapples with the realities of her life as a married mother-of-two and the fantasies of her intense love affair and sex life with ex-boyfriend Brad (Adam Demos). The show is based on the B.B. Easton memoir 44 Chapters About 4 Men.

Season 1 ends with an absolute banger of a cliffhanger, which basically begs for a second season to answer all the questions viewers have about Billie, and her relationships with Brad and husband Cooper. But will it happen?

While nothing has been confirmed by Netflix just yet, the cast and showrunner have all hinted and teased at what they want to happen next. Here's everything we know about Sex/Life season 2 so far – and what the ending means going forward.

Will there be a Sex/Life season 2?

Sex/Life ending explained: How Billie's decision will set up season 2
Sex/Life ending explained: How Billie's decision will set up season 2. Picture: Netflix

Sex/Life ending explained: What will happen in season 2?

In the penultimate episode, Brad proposes to Billie in the driveway of her own home, telling her that he loves her. In the final episode, we see that Billie appears to have made her final choice as she stays with her husband Cooper and goes back to her life as a mother and wife, rejecting Brad's proposal.

At the end of the episode, however, Billie seems to make yet another decision, and goes running to Brad's apartment after leaving her kid's school play. Billie issues her own proposal to Brad – she's not leaving her husband but she wants to pick up where they left their relationship.

While he smiles at Billie's comments, the season ends before viewers find out what Brad's ultimate response is, and we also see that Cooper knows about Billie's whereabouts after tracking her location on an app.

Will Billie and Brad be together in Sex/Life season 2?
Will Billie and Brad be together in Sex/Life season 2? Picture: Netflix

So, what will happen next? If there's a season 2, we'll obviously find out whether Billie and Brad are together, and it'll also focus on whether or not Cooper will tell Billie that he knows about where she went. Scandal! Drama! Sex! More nude shower scenes? Probably!

Speaking to TV Line, showrunner Stacy Rukeyser teased: “I don’t know what Brad is going to say to her. He really put his heart out there on the driveway and proposed a happily-ever-after to her, and that is not what she’s proposing to him. I’m not sure if Brad will say yes to that or not. But that’s what we’re hoping to get a chance to explore in season two."

Sarah Shahi also told Refinery29: "A lot of people go, ‘Is it Team Cooper? Is it Team Brad?' I’ve always been on Team Billie. I refute the notion of being able to find yourself or define yourself as a woman through a man."

"We’ve all had those experiences, where we had one partner where the sex was better or we were more wild or they brought something out within us," she added. "But I think the truth of who we are is: Are we able to allow ourselves to be those things without that person? … I hope as the series continues, that’s what Billie starts to find. She can be this version of herself without any guy."

What will happen between Billie and Cooper in Sex/Life season 2?
What will happen between Billie and Cooper in Sex/Life season 2? Picture: Netflix

Has Sex/Life season 2 been confirmed? When will Sex/Life season 2 be released?

There's currently no confirmation about Sex/Life season 2 at Netflix just yet. But given how popular the series is becoming, it's entirely possible that the streaming service will renew the show for another season.

Again, there's no confirmation just yet so that means there's no way to estimate a release date for Sex/Life season 2. For reference, the show started filming in August 2020 and was released on Netflix 10 months later, on June 25th 2021. If season 2 gets the green light, it's possible that fans could see season 2 at some point in 2022.

Sex/Life season 2 cast: Who is returning?

If the show gets renewed, then it's likely that all the main actors will return. Sarah Shahi will be back as Billie Connelly and Adam Demos will be back as Brad Simon, as well as Mike Vogel and Margaret Odette as Cooper Connelly and Sasha Snow, respectively.

A whole host of new characters will also likely join the cast if the show returns for a second season.

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