Why isn't Riverdale on tonight? Here's why the show is still on a break

10 April 2019, 14:21

By Katie Louise Smith

Is Riverdale on tonight? Will there be a new episode of Riverdale this week? Nope! The CW show is still on a three week hiatus...

Riverdale, Riverdale, wherefore art thou Riverdale? It's been two whole weeks and the show is still not back on air.

As you'll probably already know, Riverdale is on a three week break. No, it has not been “cancelled” nor has it been pulled. The April hiatus is most likely a scheduled break (the same thing happened in March/April 2018 with season 2) but the bad news is that we're still gonna have to wait one more week for a brand new episode.

What happens in Riverdale 3x18? Betty confronts Edgar and Varchie grow closer

The good news is that Riverdale will return NEXT Wednesday. On the 17th. At normal time. On The CW (or on Netflix on Thursday the 18th if you’re in the UK.)

Is Riverdale on tonight?
Is Riverdale on tonight? Picture: The CW

Why is Riverdale on *another* break?

There's no official reason as to why the hiatus is lasting three weeks but it's likely due to a combination of things. Sometimes, shows usually take breaks to make way for other TV events. Sometimes, they go on planned hiatuses when they know ratings are more likely to be lower and sometimes, it's basically just so that the season can be stretched out far enough to reach its big May "sweeps" finale air date.

If Riverdale was to air all 22 episodes one after the other, week in week out starting in October, the show would have been over by March 6th - and no one bloody wants that, do they?

It's also likely that the show took an extra week off so that all eyes could be on season 2 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The show also took a break in October 2018 when the first season of CAOS dropped too.

When will the next episode of Riverdale be on?

Season 3, episode 18, titled 'Jawbreaker,' will air on Wednesday 17th April at 8/7c on The CW.

In the episode, it looks like FP and Jughead work together to solve another drug-related mystery, Betty makes some more threats in regards to The Farm and Archie and Veronica grow closer again ahead of a huge boxing match.

All the information about the episode - including a full scale investigative break down of the extended trailer - can be read here.