23 of the best Umbrella Academy season 2 memes

6 August 2020, 12:47

By Katie Louise Smith

Protect Vanya Hargreeves At All Costs.

The Umbrella Academy season 2 has only been out for a week but the memes haven't stopped.

From Klaus and Ben's chaotic scenes, to the introduction of Lila and her relationship with Diego, it's safe to say that season 2 was truly a gift sent by the Meme Gods. Bee Movie quotes? Check. Destiny's Child references? Check check. Daddy issues? Check check check check check check CHECK.

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Here are some of the best memes and tweets about Umbrella Academy season 2...

Umbrella Academy season 2 memes: All the best tweets
Umbrella Academy season 2 memes: All the best tweets. Picture: Netflix, E!

I think we can agree that we are ALL Destiny's Children.

Vanya Hargreeves said: "Moses WHO?"

What if The Handler was just Barry B. Benson posing as a human this whole time?

Previously on Keeping Up With The Swedashians.

I'm good luv, enjoy x

Name a more iconic duo.

I would watch a six-episode spin-off of just these two RIGHT NOW.

Klaus would absoLUTEly know the rules of perm maintenance.

All those in favour of Team Zero say "aye!"

Also me trying to figure out how many timelines there are.

Diego and his knives are my favourite Umbrella Academy OTP.

Feel like pure shit, just want him back x

Baby Pogo outsold, out-cuted and out-acted Baby Yoda.

They're the three best friends that anyone could haaaave...

And they'll never ever ever ever ever leave each other.

Allison, baby, no...

This lot are gonna have to start seeing some ID before they couple up in season 3.

TV show: *suspicious female character with ulterior motives appears on screen*


Protect Vanya Hargreeves At All Costs.

Literally the most "And I OOP-" moment of the season.

You've heard of Emo Peter Parker, now get ready for: EMO BEN HARGREEVES.

Tag urselves, I'm Sexy Trash with a side order of Too Hot to Handler.