17 questions that Umbrella Academy season 3 needs to answer

4 August 2020, 18:14 | Updated: 6 August 2020, 14:24

By Katie Louise Smith

Seriously, WHAT is that floating box at the Sparrow Academy?

Just like any good TV show, The Umbrella Academy season 2 has left us with even more questions than answers, and after less than a few days, we're dying for another instalment.

Thankfully, due to the success of the series, there's no doubt we'll be getting a season 3 at some point. But until then, we need to discuss a whole load of plot-twists and new timelines.

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Season 2 of the Netflix superhero drama leaves us on a huge bombshell: We're now in a new timeline where the Umbrella Academy as we know it doesn't even exist.

But what's next? Here's all the questions that The Umbrella Academy season 3 needs to answer:

Umbrella Academy season 2: Unanswered questions
Umbrella Academy season 2: Unanswered questions. Picture: Netflix

1) How many timelines actually exist now?

The first timeline we know of involves Vanya causing an apocalypse and Five flashing forward and getting stuck in the aftermath. But how many new timelines were created due to the interference of the siblings back in the '60s? One that ends in nuclear war, one that ends with everyone dead in a barn, one that ends with The Handler's death and then... Sparrow Academy?

2) Does this mean there's now TWO versions of the Hargreeves siblings in the new timeline?

Seeing as the Sparrow Academy exist, it's clear that the 43 children were still born on the same day. In this timeline, Reginald didn't adopt the 7 Umbrella babies, so does this mean that they're out there, living a normal life, with their birth families, not having a clue about their powers? Will the Hargreeves siblings come face to face with their new timeline selves?

3) Did the siblings cause Hargreeves to completely avoid them when adopting his super powered babies?

After meeting Hargreeves in the '60s, it seems like the siblings inadvertently caused him to adopt a new group of children. Because honestly, why would he choose the same kids when that combination ends up with one of them dead and an apocalypse?

4) Where are the rest of the children born on October 1st 1989?

At this point in the show, we now know of 7 Hargreeves siblings, 6 Sparrow siblings (and a floating box) and Lila who all have powers. Does this mean the rest of the babies are all out there with untapped abilities? Do The Commission know of their whereabouts? Will we ever meet them in the future?

5) What happened to Lila? Where did she go and is she still in the same timeline?

After Five flashed back a few seconds, Lila was able to escape the fight at the barn with a briefcase but it's unclear where and when she disappears to. Considering the Umbrella Academy seem to be in a new timeline, did Lila stay in this one, or did she go with them?

6) Is The Handler actually dead this time?

Diego and Five make a point of discussing The Handler's death with Herb after she gets shot but guess what? It's a new timeline, baby! Will The Handler pop up again? She's survived death before...

Umbrella Academy season 2: Will Lila and The Handler return?
Umbrella Academy season 2: Will Lila and The Handler return? Picture: Netflix

7) When was Grace turned into a robot?

In 1963, we meet Grace as a human. Her relationship with Reginald seems to be hinting at something romantic. But as we know from season 1, a robot version of Grace helped raise the Umbrella Academy as children. At what point did Reginald create Robot Grace and why?

8) Did Robot Grace also raise the Sparrow Academy children?

By implicating Grace in Reginald's involvement with the JFK assassination, the Hargreeves siblings could have altered the trajectory of her relationship with their adoptive father. It's possible that Robot Grace doesn't exist in this new timeline, after she seemed keen to distance herself from him after discovering his secret plot.

9) Does the new timeline mean Allison's daughter Claire doesn't exist?

The direct reference to Claire in the final scene of season 2 hints at something devastating. If the Umbrella Academy never existed, then Allison and her siblings would still be with their birth mothers. They would have likely never met, or honed their powers. This also means that Allison may have never met Patrick, and they may never have had Claire.

10) Does Harlan have anything to do with the Sparrow Academy?

It's no coincidence that we're shown that Harlan is able to make things levitate following his brief encounter with Vanya's powers. Does his toy bird hint at his involvement with the new Academy? Did Hargreeves track him down and study what powers remained within him following his encounter with the Umbrella Academy?

11) What is that floating box in the Sparrow Academy?


12) Is Sparrow Ben the same Ben, but from the new timeline?

This is the most pressing question we need answered ASAP: Who is Sparrow Ben? Is he even called Ben?! There's two likely explanations here.

Explanation one: Hargreeves didn't meet Ben back in the '60s so he has no clue who he is (or so we think...) Despite the new timeline, could it have been fate that Reginald adopted Ben, just as before, but by raising him with a new set of siblings, he turned out completely different. He never died, he leaned into his powers, and truly became 'The Horror'.

Or, explanation two: Ben had a twin... and here he is. All evil and shit.

Umbrella Academy season 2: Is Ben alive? Who is Sparrow Academy Ben?
Umbrella Academy season 2: Is Ben alive? Who is Sparrow Academy Ben? Picture: Netflix

13) What is Reginald Hargreeves doing on the dark side of the moon?

Why is this man so suspicious and why is he obsessed with the moon?! Alien business, probably.

14) What happened to Ray and Sissy?

Ray and Sissy would be around 90 years old in 2019, but do they still exist in the new timeline? Will Allison and Vanya ever bump into them again? Please say yes!

15) What happened to the last Swede standing?

The last we saw of Axel, he got on Klaus' Cult bus. He was also one of the people with links to The Commission that wasn't killed. Have we seen the last of him?

16) Also, what the hell were the Swedes drinking?

Honey, that was NOT milk.

17) What do those hidden sparrow symbols mean?

In several blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments, the show scattered loads of tiny Sparrow Academy symbols throughout the season. The symbols obviously refer to the Sparrow Academy but do they actually mean anything? Or are they just fun easter egg hints?

If they do mean something, then it could imply that Hargreeves, and The Commission, were plotting the Sparrow Academy's existence all long.

Umbrella Academy season 2: What do the hidden sparrows mean?
Umbrella Academy season 2: What do the hidden sparrows mean? Picture: Netflix