Zendaya's Roberto Cavalli spine dress contained a hidden Spider-Man reference

1 December 2021, 11:57 | Updated: 1 December 2021, 12:13

Zendaya dodges spoilers about Spider-Man 3’s multiverse

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"We love a reference." 👀

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Zendaya's Roberto Cavalli spine dress contained a hidden nod to Spider-Man that we bet you never even noticed.

Now, we're sure that by now there's no need for us to explain Zendaya's fashion credentials. The Spider-Man actress is the youngest recipient of CFDA's Fashion Icon Award and, with the help of her stylist Law Roach, she consistently pulls it out the bag every. single. time.

Well, unsurprisingly, when she walked the red carpet at the Ballon d'Or ceremony in Paris on Monday (Nov 29), there was no exception. Zendaya rocked a vintage Roberto Cavalli number from the designer's Autumn/Winter 2000 collection that featured a particularly show-stopping detail.

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Zendaya attends the Ballon D'Or photocall.
Zendaya attends the Ballon D'Or photocall. Picture: Marc Piasecki/WireImage, Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images

From the front, the form-fitting black gown glided over her curves and made her look incredibly chic. But the back?! A masterpiece. The dress featured a low-back and a detailed gold, skeleton-style spine that snaked down her back.

While Zendaya dress was an incredible fashion moment, it was also a chance to reference Spider-Man. Zendaya plays Peter Parker's (Tom Holland) love interest and the highly-anticipated third instalment in the Marvel movie trilogy, Spider-Man: No Way Home, is going to be released in December.

Thanks to the trailer, we know that the movie will include the return of Spider-Man's ultimate nemesis Dr. Octopus, who is known for his mechanical tentacles. Well, a fan account (@dayacrue) speculated it could have been a subtle nod to Dr. Octopus and then Zendaya shared it to her Instagram Stories, alongside the caption: "We love a reference."

Another post suggested that the dress references Spider-Man's black and gold spider suit too.

Zendaya ALWAYS understands the assignment.

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