What is the Starburst trend on TikTok? The kissing challenge explained

21 June 2021, 09:32

By Katie Louise Smith

The Starburst Makeout Challenge is going viral on TikTok – here's what it means and what you have to do.

Another Starburst TikTok trend has gone viral on the app.

This year alone, we've seen several TikTok trends and challenges, including the Adult Swim 'AS' trend, the 'Candice Died Today' trend and the long-running joke about women's skin peeling off when they're on their periods.

Now, the app is back with another challenge but this time, it's one for the couples.

The 'Starburst trend' is going viral on the app and it's all to do with kissing after eating one of the fruity sweets. Here's how to do it, and what it's actually meant to do.

What is the Starburst kissing trend on TikTok?

TikTok Starburst trend: The kissing challenge explained
TikTok Starburst trend: The kissing challenge explained. Picture: @saraballinnn via TikTok, Taylor Rooney via Unsplash

The Starburst trend seems to have been started, or at least gone viral, thanks to user @saraballinnn. In a TikTok video from May, they wrote, "making out after eating starbursts >>>>", alongside the caption, "definitely recommend".

Basically, the trend is meant to prove that kissing or making out tastes better after eating a bunch of Starbursts.

Of course, everyone loves a TikTok recommendation so it didn't take long for the post to rack up 740,000 likes and over 29,000 comments with people tagging their partners to test it out.

The trend also uses Tion Wayne & Russ Millions' popular 'Body (Remix)' track as the sound.

The video has now been stitched and duet'ed thousands of times by couples attempting to see if it's actually true - does making out after eating Starbursts actually improve the kiss? Some people agreed that it added a 'lil kick to their kisses, while others gave it a thumbs down.

No word on which flavours work and taste the best yet – strawberry and orange seem like winners based on the videos, though. Guess it just depends on your personal preference.

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