Halsey's third album: Title, release date, track list, collaborations and everything you need to know

6 November 2018, 21:32 | Updated: 16 November 2018, 17:28

Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Halsey has been teasing details about her upcoming third studio album but when will it be released? What will the title be? And who will feature on the record?

Halsey blessed us with the chart-topping Romeo + Juliet inspired hopeless fountain kingdom in June 2017 and after a number of huge singles alongside artists like G-Eazy ('Him & I') and Benny Blanco ('Eastside'), she's now getting prepared to start work on her third studio album.

Following the release of her latest single, 'Without Me', fans are wondering what Halsey will bring to the table on her next record. What will the vibe be? Will it be more personal? Will the album follow the narratives of Badlands and HFK or will it be totally different?

So when Halsey stopped by PopBuzz HQ earlier this week (Nov 5), we asked and she gave us a few snippets of how the process is going. And by the sounds of things, fans are going to love what she's got coming next.

Here's everything we know so far about Halsey's next album:

When will Halsey's next album be released?

While there's no official release date yet, Halsey did reveal that she's planning on working and writing throughout the winter.

"I have not started writing," she told us on Monday. "I've started collecting, which is something I do before I make an album. I go through and I collect movies I really like, other songs I really like, images, colours, screen grabs from films, poetry of my own..."

"I take all these ingredients, put them together and look at it all and just go: 'what does this mean, and what is the common theme in all of this that attracted me to it?"

Once she's got all that in place, she says it takes her "about a month" to write an album. So could we expect a 2019 release date? Maybe!

What's the concept of the third album going to be?

Halsey is keeping her cards a little closer to her chest for now, seeing as she's in the very early stages of getting it all together... but we do know this: it will be another concept album.

"I don't think I could ever not make a concept record," she said. "I don't think I could ever just put out an album that's just a collection of random songs. It's not in my nature."

So, as always, we can probably expect a strong storyline and narrative, repeated themes and maybe even some more raw and personal tracks like 'Without Me', where she says she was able "speak her truth." As for the concept itself? "I think this concept for this album is probably going to be one sentence long. I can probably sum it up in one sentence."

While she didn't spill the tea on what that sentence will be, she did say that when she's ready, the fans "will know because [she'll] make it very blatantly, blatantly clear."

Will there be any collaborations on the album?

Like we said, Halsey hasn't even started writing the album yet (give her a chance!) but after including a handful of features on hopeless fountain kingdom, there's probably a possibility that some more great collabs will make an appearance.

While speaking to us earlier this week, Halsey said she's keen to collaborate with both Brendon Urie and Lauren Jauregui (for a second time) but whether or not those collabs will even happen, let alone make it onto the next record, remains to be seen. So far, nothing has been confirmed.

For now, we wait. And carrying on blasting 'Without Me' in our bedrooms at full volume like we have been for the past few weeks.