Jeffree Star calls out Huda Beauty for copying ColourPop

26 February 2020, 14:38

By Sophie Thompson

Huda Kattan's new collection, Pastel Palettes, follows a release very similar to that of ColourPop's, and the internet isn't happy about it.

YouTube makeup gurus are no strangers to drama, and Jeffree Star has put Huda Kattan next in his (long) firing line, accusing her latest collection of ripping off makeup giant, ColourPop.

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Huda's new Pastel Palettes release consist of, you guessed it, three, pastel-based eyeshadow palettes that come in 'Mint', 'Rose', and 'Lilac', and following the announcement of their launch on 24th February, people have started to notice the striking similarities between the names of them, and ColourPop's version which come in 'Baby Got Peach', 'Mint to be', and 'Lilac you a lot'.

Jeffree Star has spoken out about how similar Huda Kattan's new Pastel Palettes are to the version released by cosmetics giant, ColourPop.
Jeffree Star has spoken out about how similar Huda Kattan's new Pastel Palettes are to the version released by cosmetics giant, ColourPop. Picture: Jeffree Star/Huda Kattan/Instagram

Admittedly, shade-wise, the palettes are pretty different, however the nine-pan concept and the packaging is strikingly similar.

If you're familiar with the YouTube beauty world, you'll know that a lot of their collections are made in the same factory - including Kylie Cosmetics, the beauty-child of Kylie Jenner, and ColourPop, which are already two that look related, but given that Huda Beauty's pastel release hasn't even hit shelves yet (it'll be out on 1st March), people are speculating whether she's using her loyal fan base to sell the same product for a mark-up price.

Of course, as always, Jeffree Star weighed in on the drama, and left a little comment under TrendMood's announcement that the palettes were coming out...

He simply wrote: "Hey @colourpopcosmetics loving your new collection!!! Congrats!!!" Shade.

Both beauty bosses have beef that goes a long way back, starting when Jeffree tweeted in 2018 "Tell Huda Beauty to f*ck off and use products from someone with a soul" when another makeup artist posted about a package he'd received from her.

Huda has already been called out before for copying other smaller makeup brands including Beauty Bakerie, and someone as huge as Jeffree calling her out is sure to raise some eyebrows in the industry - but fans don't think it was intentional this time.

Replying to the drama, one fan wrote: "Pastels on trend, and she does 9 pan palettes so its no shock she has a 9 pan pastel palette, he’s just spreading toxic attitudes", while another suggested: "I see similar bits and bobs, but it's hardly a dupe. Nothing alike really. You can't ever make a palette these days without "copying" another brand. The makeup community needs to calm down, I've seen Revolution palettes from years ago that are exactly like Morphe."

One notable difference between the two is the price. ColourPop's retails for a tasty $12 (approx £9.30), while Huda's Pastel Palettes can set you back £24 each.

While we're unsure of what really went down in the Huda head offices when those palettes were born, some people are even suggesting that Jeffree's comment was to distract from the criticism his own palettes have received recently - with buyers complaining of 'hairs' in the formula of Conspiracy.

Oh YouTube drama, we love you.