Is Gibby in the iCarly reboot? Here's what Noah Munck has said

21 June 2021, 17:22

By Katie Louise Smith

Why is Gibby not in the iCarly reboot? Here's what Noah Munck has said in the past about his role on the show.

The iCarly reboot is finally here and it's set to feature a bunch of cameos from fan favourite characters like Nora Dershlit, Nevel Papperman and Principal Franklin. But what about Gibby? For the love of T-Bo, where is Gibby!? (Where is T-Bo, for that matter?!)

Gibby, played by Noah Munck, is an icon and one of the most beloved fan favourite characters on the show. However, there's been no confirmation that the actor will be reprising his role in the reboot series, and fans are starting to wonder whether we'll see him at all.

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While Munck hasn't made any comment about the 2021 reboot series in recent months, he did speak about his relationship with the character back in 2017. Here's what we know so far about a potential Gibby appearance in the new iCarly.

Is Gibby coming back to iCarly?

Will Gibby be in the iCarly reboot? Here's what we know
Will Gibby be in the iCarly reboot? Here's what we know. Picture: Paramount+, Nickelodeon

Back in 2017, Munck appeared on the OYC podcast and opened up about his experience on the show playing Gibby. The 25-year-old explained that, while he "appreciated" the show, he has a weird relationship with portraying Gibby.

Munck explained that the way in which Gibby was often portrayed as the "punching bag" and the "expense of the joke" had a somewhat negative effect on his interactions with fans.

While he said he hadn't heard anything about the reboot at the time, he said: “Maybe one day I’ll have a better relationship with it, and who knows, I’ll come back.”

It's unclear if Munck has had a change of heart since sharing those comments.

Prior to his departure as the iCarly reboot show-runner in February 2021, Jay Kogen revealed that producers had reached out to Munck for a potential return as his iconic character.

Unlike Jennette McCurdy's Sam, nothing has been confirmed or flat out shut down about Noah Munck or Gibby's return.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress both commented on the whereabouts of Gibby, saying that they "don't know the answer to that yet."

Something tells us we will definitely either find out what Gibby has been up to over the past few years, or see him pop up in the show for a small cameo at some point. Until then, we'll just have to wait and see what happens...

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