Finn Wolfhard had to be digitally de-aged for IT: Chapter Two because he grew too much

7 August 2019, 13:15

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"Finn grew up quite a bit, and he’s a tall guy." IT Chapter: Two Director Andy Muschietti revealed that the de-ageing technology had to be used in the film for its child actors.

If you tend to follow shows or films that place young actors front and centre, you'll know one important thing. Kids' appearances can Way faster than their adult counterparts, in fact.

The kids in IT were young in the 2017 iteration of the film and, for IT: Chapter Two, they needed to look exactly the same. To achieve that, director Andy Muschietti revealed that the IT child actors have been digitally de-aged in the film.

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Finn Wollfhard de-aged in It chapter two
Finn Wollfhard de-aged in It chapter two. Picture: Warner Brothers/Screenshot

Speaking to Total Film (SyFy) magazine, Andy Muschietti said that early on they "knew that [de-ageing] would be part of the budget" because of the flashbacks.

Muschietti also alluded to something that every Stranger Things fan will understand completely. De-ageing Finn Wolfhard was necessary because he “grew up quite a bit", according to the director.

"It’s better to shoot it two years later than five years later," he said. "But in those two years, they grew up quite a bit. Not all of them. Sophia looks exactly the same. Jaeden looks pretty much the same."

He added: "Finn grew up quite a bit, and he’s a tall guy. But from the beginning, we knew that that would be part of the budget, the visual effects to address that. So we’re going to de-age the kids." (via Bloody Disgusting)

Such is the nature of working with kids, I guess. It's not immediately clear whether others like Jack Dylan Grazer or Chosen Jacobs also had to be de-aged.

You can get a glimpse of Finn in the trailer for the sequel below.

It: Chapter Two sees the grown-up members of the Losers' Club return to Derry, Maine 27 years after the initial events of the first film. We're excited, though our bladders are definitely wary at the prospect of another nearly three hour long movie.

It: Chapter Two hits theatres September 6.

H/T: Bloody Disgusting