Will there be a Red, White & Royal Blue 2? Book author teases sequel

11 August 2023, 14:13

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By Katie Louise Smith

Is there another Red, White & Royal Blue book? Here's everything we know about a possible movie sequel and book from author Casey McQuiston.

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Red, White & Royal Blue? Yeah, we're obsessed! At long last, the movie adaptation of Casey McQuiston's best-selling novel has finally hit our screens and fans are already dying to see more of Alex and Prince Henry's relationship.

Red, White & Royal Blue follows the First Son of the United States, Alex (Taylor Zakhar Perez), and British Prince, Henry (Nicholas Galitzine), as they go from enemies to lovers, all set against a backdrop of presidential elections and royal family politics.

For those hoping for a sequel to the Prime Video movie, we have both good and bad news. The bad news? There's currently no movie sequel in the works, and there's also not even a book sequel to quench our thirsts with more of Alex and Henry's relationship.

The good news, though? Both the critical and audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes have been overwhelmingly positive, which means the chances of a sequel happening will have likely been boosted massively.

Here's everything we know about a possible Red, White & Royal Blue sequel so far, including everything author Casey McQuiston has said about writing a possible book sequel, too.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the ending of Red, White & Royal Blue! Obviously!

Red, White & Royal Blue 2: Will there be a sequel?

Red, White & Royal Blue 2 - Latest news on book and movie sequel
Red, White & Royal Blue 2 - Latest news on book and movie sequel. Picture: Prime Video

Is there another Red, White & Royal Blue book?

There is unfortunately no more books about Alex and Henry from the author Casey McQuiston – yet. Casey's past comments do sound promising, though...

Back in 2019, just before the movie went into production, Casey discussed the possibility of returning to Alex and Henry's world with another novel. (At the time, no sequel was in the works from the author.)

"Anything's possible," they told Hello!. "I will say I have plenty of ideas for stories set in this world and would love the chance to explore one of them some day. I would be surprised if you've seen the last of Alex and Henry."

For those wanting to read a little more about Alex and Henry's relationship, Casey did release a bonus chapter detailing the events of the couple's relationship from Henry's perspective. That chapter also includes details of their engagement (!) and eventual move to Texas.

Red, White & Royal Blue author teases possible sequel
Red, White & Royal Blue author teases possible sequel. Picture: Prime Video

What happens at the end of Red, White & Royal Blue movie?

The movie ends in pretty much the same way that the book does. Alex and Henry reunite, confess their love and go public with their relationship, President Ellen Claremont is re-elected as President of the United States, and Alex takes Henry to his childhood home in Texas.

The ending wraps up that chapter of their story very neatly, and doesn't leave anything on a cliffhanger.

If a book or a movie sequel is one day made, it'll likely pick back up with Alex and Henry in a new chapter in their lives. A royal/presidential wedding, maybe? We'll have to wait and see what Casey has in mind for the future of their beloved characters!

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Will there be a Red, White & Royal Blue sequel?

While there may be no book sequel just yet, Casey did speak highly of the passion and enthusiasm that was being poured into the movie adaptation. While they noted that the plan was initially just the one movie, the success of Red, White & Royal Blue could trigger some conversations about making a movie sequel.

"The teams at Berlanti Productions and Amazon Studios have so much love for this project and are dedicating so much care to making sure it's done right," they said, in the 2019 Hello! interview. "Right now the plan is a movie, something big and shiny and colorful in the key of Love, Simon and Crazy Rich Asians."

With the positive reactions, the brilliant cast and fans clearly wanting to see more of Alex and Henry's love story, a sequel might some day be on the horizon...

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