Saltburn viewers spot genius detail foreshadowing Felix's fate

5 January 2024, 22:17

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By Katie Louise Smith

Director Emerald Fennell estimates that only "one in 30 people" noticed this subtle detail about Felix in the breakfast scene.

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Saltburn is absolutely packed to the brim with easter eggs and hidden details that foreshadow the fates of each of the characters.

Director Emerald Fennell managed to weave several incredibly subtle details into the film that basically reveal how it's all going to end, but upon first watch you probably missed them completely. After watching the film a second time, you'll curse yourself for not clocking them.

One particular detail that viewers can't believe they didn't notice has to do with Jacob Elordi's character Felix. If you weren't paying close enough attention to the breakfast scene and Venetia's story about Shelley's doppelgänger, then you might wanna go back and watch that moment again... [Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Saltburn!]

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Saltburn easter eggs: Genius detail foreshadowing Felix's death revealed
Saltburn easter eggs: Genius detail foreshadowing Felix's death revealed. Picture: Amazon Prime Video

Felix's big foreshadowing moment comes when Oliver and the Catton family sit down for breakfast. Venetia tells the creepy story about Percy Bysshe Shelley’s housekeeper waving to something that she was convinced was the poet in a window, before later learning that he was not even in the country and had actually died a few hours before.

As soon as Venetia mentions the doppelgänger in the window, Felix walks past the window behind her despite being sat at the table at the same time. That's not a continuity error, that was planted there on purpose.

Later in the film, after we learn that Felix has died, his body is carried past the same window as the family sit at the dinner table with the curtains closed.

Speaking about how subtle the detail is, Emerald told Backstage: "I would estimate one in 30 people notice it."

"It’s not really designed for people to see it. We took a gamble, because really, what we don’t want is people to see it," she said. "It’s one of those things that was on purpose, but hopefully in a more subliminal way."

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On top of the subtle Felix easter egg, Emerald also revealed the huge detail viewers missed in the opening sequence that hinted at Oliver's fate.

As the camera follows Oliver, Handel's 'Zadok The Priest' plays over the top. However, in the film, the lyrics were changed to foreshadow the outcome of Oliver's schemes.

"Here when the title appears the choir doesn’t sing “Zadok the Priest”, they sing “Oliver Quick”. Long live the king!" Emerald revealed.

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There's countless other easter eggs and foreshadowing details that you might have missed on your first watch too.

Another huge Oliver detail involves the rock he threw into the river when he told Felix that his dad had died. Felix shares the Catton family's tradition of writing the name of the deceased on a rock and throwing it into the water, and suggests Oliver do the same. Oliver throws the rock and completely misses the river. We later find out his dad is actually very much alive.

The dinner scene after Felix's death also includes a couple of easter eggs about Venetia and Elspeth's fates. Venetia's overflowing red wine glass foreshadows the bath of blood she's later found dead in. And Elspeth choking on her food foreshadows her final moments as she chokes after Oliver rips her breathing tube out.

Oliver's mirror reflections throughout the film also hint at the fact that he's presenting a completely different person to the Catton family. In one dinner scene, his reflection does not even match.

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