'Riverdale' season 3, episode 6 promo: Watch the shocking 'Manhunter' trailer

15 November 2018, 13:12 | Updated: 15 November 2018, 16:09

By Sam Prance

In the promo trailer for 'Riverdale' season 3, episode 6, Betty and Jughead are one step closer to solving the Gryphons and Gargoyles mystery and Veronica and Archie are separated...

It's been a wild ride for Riverdale fans this season. In just five episodes, we've seen Archie go to a juvenile detention centre for a crime that he didn't commit (!), watched the Gargoyle King wreak havoc on the entire town (!!) and stood by as Alice Cooper joined a mysterious cult (!!!). Not only that but we have also been blessed with everything from the return of fan favourite Joaquin to the already iconic flashback episode.

In episode 5 ('The Great Escape'), everything went down. Jughead is now fully immersed in the Gryphons and Gargoyles world and, even though he is investigating it, it's clear that he's taken things a little too far. Realising this, Betty has decided to solve the mystery of who the Gargoyle King is on her own. Meanwhile, Veronica literally managed to break Archie out of Leopold and Loeb and he is now hiding in Dilton's bunker.

Riverdale season 3, episode 6 promo ('Manhunter' trailer)
Riverdale season 3, episode 6 promo ('Manhunter' trailer). Picture: The CW

The promo for next week is no less dramatic. Not only does it feature a whole slew of Gargoyle King shenanigans (this looks terrifying) but it also contains a new mysterious symbol (help) and it looks like even more Riverdale residents are going to die (whatever you do you next week, you better not kill off any of our faves!)

Let's take a deep dive into it.

First things first we have the Gargoyle king and some freaky looking followers.


Jughead compares them to "disciples" but there is nothing holy about them.

More inappropriate teenage sex.


If a Riverdale promo is released and it doesn't feature a shirtless shot of Archie Andrews, did it even exist?

Kevin and Archie have a DMC and Kevin helps Archie live out his fugitive lifestyle.


The buddy crime film we need and deserve. Archie saying 'I don't think I can go back to Riverdale' isn't cute but Kevin being a first class friend and finding a spot for Archie to hide out is further proof that he is the real hero of Riverdale.

Okay and now there is a threatening symbol that Jughead, the Serpents (and Veronica?) are investigating.


What the fuck is this?

Wait, according to Joaquin it means "sacrifice".


We are not into this. ALSO WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE MISS AMERICAN DREAM SINCE HE WAS SEVENTEEN JOAQUIN IS DYING? We refuse to live in a world in which Joaquin is not breathing.



Praying that all of our faves are alive and well.

Wait a minute? Is Josie possessed?


Fix it Jesus.

Varchie are being separated again?!!


Can these teenagers just have a break please and be young and in love like they were in season one? "Don't you make me say goodbye to you Archie Andrews!" is already making us tear up and we do not like it.

And last but not least Betty is single-handedly saving the town.


Finally we have some vague semblance of sense. By the looks of things Betty has gathered all of the Riverdale parents to come clean about all things Gryphons and Gargoyles. That being said, why is Betty doing this and why are the adults not being adults and intervening of their own accord? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS TOWN?

Manhunter will air on Thursday November 21st at 8/7c on The CW. We will be praying for Joaquin until it airs.