Who Is The Gargoyle King On 'Riverdale' Season 3?

11 October 2018, 11:01 | Updated: 11 October 2018, 14:07

Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Riverdale season three has a brand new villain called 'The Gargoyle King' but what is he, who is he, what does he have to do with the game 'Griffins and Gargoyles' and WHY is he terrorising the town?

Riverdale is official BACK, baby! The highly anticipated season three picks up three months after the catastrophic events of season two and judging by that wild first episode, it looks like we're about to be in for a season of even more drama, even more romance, even more dog content (Vegas and Hotdog are out here earning their coins!) and even more death.

This season, we've also got a brand new, much scarier, much more dangerous villain rolling into town. His name? The Gargoyle King.

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Season one saw Clifford Blossom wreak havoc by murdering his own son, season two saw Hal Cooper channel his inner moral angst as the Black Hood and then we had twirly moustache villain Hiram Lodge (who is still at large on the streets of Riverdale) but those three pale in comparison to season three's big bad.

In the first episode of season three, the Gargoyle King is brought to Jughead's attention by Dilton Doiley who has been playing a game called "Griffins and Gargoyles." After bursting into the trailer, he tells Jug that the villain of the game is real and that he's here in Riverdale. So, without further ado... let's investigate.

What - and who exactly - is The Gargoyle King?

Gargoyle King Riverdale
Gargoyle King Riverdale. Picture: The CW

What is the Gargoyle King?

The Gargoyle King is a character from the game 'Griffins and Gargoyles', which is kind of like Riverdale's version of Dungeons and Dragons (c'monnnn Stranger Things references!).

Visually, the Gargoyle King is this weird figure that kind of looks like an animal, with twigs and branches for wings (??) and horns, has a weird necklace and a weird cape. It's very earthy and very woodsy. Very True Detective. In fact, the show served as the basis for this season's mystery.

“One of my favourite shows in the last five or six years was the first season of True Detective," explained show-runner Roberto Agurre-Sacasa. "It was sort of an occult, ritualistic murder, and it wasn't a supernatural story but ... it felt creepy and perverse and lurid. That's kind of the vibe that this year's villain and murder mystery has.”

The Gargoyle King, described by Aguirre-Sacasa as 'gruesome, gory, grim, and gnarly,' is the main villain of the game and a creepy, dangerous figure that is now "stalking the streets of Riverdale." GREAT.

After the kids in the town discover the game and begin playing it over the summer, the bodies of two students (Dilton and the mysterious Ben) who were playing it are found in the woods, barely alive and with symbols from the game carved into their backs. In the trailer for episode two, it appears as though Dilton has died from the ritual.

Who is the Gargoyle King?

According to Aguirre-Sacasa, “he's more of an urban legend, more of the Slenderman. The Black Hood was a serial killer, Hiram is a mob boss, and this guy is almost like, the bad guy in the fairytale.” (The Demogorgon will see you in court.)

“We don't know if he's real or if it's someone in a suit. So there's kind of a sense of myth about him. And he's a lot more dangerous.”

Judging by what we've seen so far, the Gargoyle King looks like a figure that is created by the players of the game in some sort of weird ritual ceremony. It's been stated before that there's no magic in Riverdale, so we assume that any weird supernatural creatures would be out of the question.

But in the trailer for episode two, Betty and Jughead come into contact with the Gargoyle King and it appears to be a fully fledged moving... *thing.* Could someone be dressing up as the Gargoyle King?

Honestly though, if it's a more elaborate version of the Black Hood concocted by the Ghoulies or Hal or Hal's theorised twin or any other one of those Riverdale dads, I swear to god, I'm contacting my lawyer. No more killer dads, PLEASE!


Is the Gargoyle King related to the Farm cult?

So far, the figure doesn't appear to be connected. And considering that the game - along with the Gargoyle King - was also a thing back in the day when the parents were playing the game, it's unlikely that that is the case.


We already know that Edgar Evernever, the leader of the cult farm, loves a sacrificial ritual - just ask Alice. But could he be the one behind the mysterious figure attempting to infiltrate and terrorise the entire town?


Whatever, or whoever the Gargoyle King is, it sounds like his stay in the town could result in multiple deaths of our beloved characters. Wah wah wahhhhh.