Umbrella Academy boss says Netflix spin-offs could happen on one condition

4 August 2020, 10:53 | Updated: 4 August 2020, 10:54

By Katie Louise Smith

Umbrella Academy spin-off shows at Netflix? It all depends on fan demand.

Just when you thought The Umbrella Academy universe couldn't get any bigger...

Season 2 of the Netflix series has just been released and fans are already looking ahead to season 3 to find out what's coming next. Outside of the TV show, there's a lot of exciting stuff happening with the comic series too.

As we all know, UA creator Gerard Way is busy working on Volume 4 of the main comic and is set to release the highly-anticipated Klaus Hargreeves spin-off in September. He's also hinted that prequels will one day be released for the rest of the Hargreeves siblings too.

Now, Umbrella Academy showrunner Steve Blackman has taken the spin-off hype one step further, saying that there's a possibility that Netflix could join in on the action.

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Umbrella Academy spin-off series could happen at Netflix
Umbrella Academy spin-off series could happen at Netflix. Picture: Netflix

In an interview with Digital Spy, Blackman revealed that, as long as there's demand from fans for more of the Hargreeves sibling's stories to be told, it's possible that some of those spin-offs might actually end up on screen as a limited series.

"I think Klaus and Ben (Justin H. Min), or Klaus and Diego (David Castañeda) – any of those, to me, would be wonderful spin-offs," he said. "I think you could do a limited series with them for four or six episodes, and it would be great. I think even Robert could do his own little thing about Klaus."

He continued: "Look, you never want to overdo something. But if there's an appetite for it, I mean, I think the actors would be up for it, and we would all be up for it. Because we all love working together."

Back in February 2020, Blackman inked an overall deal with Netflix that will see him write and produce films and TV shows exclusively for Netflix, for many years to come.

Robert Sheehan has already expressed that he's totally up for bringing Klaus' You Look like Death sequel to life too. But will we ever get to see it? Fingers crossed.

What Umbrella Academy spin-off are you dying to see played out on screen?