Noah Centineo Is Getting Bigger Roles Than Lana Condor And 'To All the Boys' Fans Are Outraged

3 October 2018, 13:02

By Sam Prance

This is not on...

It's no secret that To All the Boys I've Loved Before is one of the standout films of the entire year. Ever since the Netflix teen rom-com came out in August, fans have been swept away by its heartwarming storyline and loveable characters. Seriously, Lana Condor as Lara Jean is perfect (her emotional range!!!) and Noah Centineo is brilliant as her love interest Peter K (the whole world has fallen in love with him).

However, fans of the movie are upset that Lana doesn't seem to be getting the same buzz and recognition as her co-star. In the weeks since To All The Boys... aired, the majority of the conversation has focused almost solely on Noah. Fans can't get enough of his charm, talent and good looks but that's not all though - it also looks like he's now getting more on-screen opportunities than Lana.

Lana Condor
Lana Condor. Picture: Sipa USA/SIPA USA/PA Images // Netflix

To All The Boys may have only been released less than two months ago but in that time Noah has already bagged a role in the new Charlie's Angels reboot and there are even rumours that he may be in line to star in the next Batman film. It's early days but Hollywood seems to have already embraced Noah as its new leading man. You'd think that Noah was the lead in TATBILB not Lana.

Meanwhile, Lana is getting roles (Warning sounds incredible) but the hype for her isn't on the same level as it clearly is for Noah. There are a few things that are no doubt playing into this (racism, sexism) but it doesn't make it any less wrong or excusable that Lana isn't getting the praise she deserves. Unsurprisingly, fans are not impressed and are tweeting their outrage.

Here are just a few of the reactions.

Some are stating it like it is.


This kind of thing has happened in Hollywood countless times before.

Others are pointing out that Lana played the main role in TATBILB.


The film has been so well-received because of HER performance.

Noah deserves his things but Lana deserves hers too.


We see no lies.

Fans are even meme-ing the issue.



Then there are those who are just paying Lana her dues.


More of this please.

And last but not least, people are boycotting Noah until Lana gets the respect that she's more than earned.


Give Lana the world and more.

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