Barry Keoghan reveals how you actually pronounce his name

12 January 2024, 09:44

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By Sam Prance

Barry Keoghan has set the record straight on how you say his surname.

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So you're a Barry Keoghan fan but do you know how to pronounce his name? We now have an answer from the star himself.

Everybody loves our Barry. Whether you first saw him in The Killing of a Sacred Deer or you've recently become a fan thanks to his role in The Banshees of Inisherin, there's no denying that he's one of the most exciting names in acting right now. Who else can make you cry real tears with a film like Dunkirk and then make your jaw-drop with a film like Saltburn?

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However, in spite of Barry's increasing fame, people still struggle to pronounce his name. Thankfully, for anyone who is still confused, he's set the record straight in multiple interviews on how you actually pronounce the surname Keoghan.

How do you pronounce Keoghan?

Barry Keoghan reveals how you actually pronounce his name
Barry Keoghan reveals how you actually pronounce his name. Picture: Alberto Rodriguez/Variety via Getty Images, Iona Wolff/BAFTA via Getty Images

Speaking at Dublin Comic Con with Geek Ireland in 2022, Barry made it clear. He said: "Keo-gan. You pronounce the G or at least I do." However, he then confessed that it's possible that he doesn't actually know how to pronounce it properly. Barry continued: "Maybe I've just been pronouncing it wrong all these years but yeah, the 'g' sound is in there."

Barry then joked that it's probably been an asset to his career that people have struggled to pronounce his name. He said: "But I find that if you have a difficult to pronounce name, you're more likely to go far especially in the US."

Referencing a fellow Irish actor, Barry explained: "Like Saoirse Ronan and all the talk of how to pronounce her name; so maybe it's a benefit having a peculiar name."

Barry Keoghan as Oliver in Saltburn
Barry Keoghan as Oliver in Saltburn. Picture: Alamy

So there we have it. It's 'Keo-gan' and that's final!

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