Kourtney Kardashian is being dragged over new "sustainable" collab with Boohoo

7 September 2022, 14:57

By Sam Prance

People are also calling out Boohoo for hiring Kourtney Kardashian as the face of their sustainable clothing line.

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Fans are slamming a new collaboration between Kourtney Kardashian and Boohoo after it was revealed the reality star would be a "sustainability ambassador" for the fast fashion brand.

It was announced on Tuesday that Kourtney Kardashian would be pairing up with Boohoo to release a collection of clothes focused on “sustainability and style”.

In a statement announcing the collection, the 42-year-old explained: “When Boohoo first approached me with this idea that was all about sustainability and style, I was concerned about the effects of the fast fashion industry on our planet. It's been an enlightening experience speaking directly with industry experts."

She added: “There's still lots of work to be done and improvements to be made, but I truly believe that any progress we can make when it comes to sustainability is a step in the right direction and will open up the conversation for future advancements.

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Kourtney Kardashian is being dragged over new "sustainable" collab with Boohoo
Kourtney Kardashian is being dragged over new "sustainable" collab with Boohoo. Picture: Cindy Ord/MG22/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue, Boohoo

The new collection will include 46 limited-edition pieces using recycled fibers, traceable cotton, recycled sequins and recycled polyester, with the pieces set to debut at New York Fashion Week on 13 September.

However, people on social media have been pointing out the hypocrisy of a fast fashion brand having a sustainable line and hiring one of the Kardashians to be the face of it, considering their promotion of a fast, consumerist lifestyle.

On Twitter, one person asked: “Do you think Kourtney kardashian flew on her private jet to her Boohoo sustainable fashion line meetings?”

Another person said: “Kourtney Kardashian as Boohoo’s sustainability ambassador. Biggest load of b*llocks - surely even ultra-fast fashion stans don’t buy this utter BS?”

A third person said: “A private-jetting Kardashian worth $65 million is now ‘sustainability ambassador’ for fossil fuel fashion brand boohoo, where she'll chat ‘with sustainability experts to better understand challenges and opportunities in the fashion industry.’ We absolutely KANNOT.”

Other people pointed out that they could have hired someone with actual experience in sustainability, rather than a reality TV star.

Someone wrote: “Boo Hoo’s new sustainability advisor??? This is how you know they don’t give a fuck. If they cared they’d pick an actual sustainability person instead of a reality tv star. We are in hell. I’m convinced.”

Agreeing, someone else added: “This is insulting to an entire community working tirelessly to educate / change / provide alternative solutions / invest in climate positive solutions — to hire someone promoting over consumption and capitalism is beyond absurd! Not that Boohoo cares. They don’t deserve our work”.

Despite the backlash, Kourtney and Boohoo are yet to address the criticism. We’ll be sure to update you if they do.

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