Is Percy Jackson related to Annabeth? Their family history explained

22 January 2024, 17:17 | Updated: 23 January 2024, 10:34

The Percy Jackson Family Tree Explained

By Sam Prance

Percy Jackson fans have long argued over whether or not Percy and Annabeth are related to each other, so what is the truth?

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You're watching Percy Jackson and the Olympians and you've been shipping Percy and Annabeth this whole time...but now you're worried that they're related?! We're here to clear things up so that you're free to ship who you want to ship in peace.

Ever since the first Percy Jackson and the Olympians book came out back in 2005, fans have shipped Percy and Annabeth. In The Lightning Thief, Percy and Annabeth initially clash with each other but it soon becomes apparent that they care for each other. There may even be some romantic tension between them and this is explored throughout the series.

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Like the books, fans are shipping Percabeth as a couple in the new Disney+ series. However, there's just one problem. If Percy and Annabeth are both children of the Gods, doesn't that mean they're technically related?

Are Percy and Annabeth related?

Is Percy Jackson related to Annabeth? Their family history in the books explained
Is Percy Jackson related to Annabeth? Their family history in the books explained. Picture: Disney+

If you know your classical history or you've paid close attention to the Percy Jackson franchise, you will have already figured out that Percy and Annabeth are technically related. The pair are first cousins once removed. Percy is the son of Poseidon and he is first cousins with Annabeth's mother Athena. Athena is, of course, the daughter of Poseidon's brother Zeus.

In fact, pretty much all of the demigods are related to each other in some shape or form as they all descend from Kronos. That being said, there is a very important clause which means that inter demigod relationships are not incest.

The books explain that demigods share no DNA with their godly parents. In other words, you can ship Percabeth in peace.

Nevertheless, that hasn't stopped fans from losing it on social media.

Do Percy and Annabeth get together in the books?

Percy and Annabeth have a long will-they-won't they romantic arc on Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The pair kiss on the cheek in The Sea of Monsters, Annabeth then kisses Percy good luck in The Battle of the Labyrinth and they kiss multiple times in The Last Olympian including one very iconic underwater kiss.

At the end of The Last Olympian, it's confirmed that Percy and Annabeth are officially together.

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