Doja Cat accused of "ripping off" Dunkin' Donuts with new It’s Giving brand

24 August 2022, 15:05

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By Emma Kershaw

Fans have noticed similarities between Doja Cat's new clothing line and Dunkin' Donuts' branding.

Doja Cat has announced that she is releasing a new clothing line and people think she is "ripping off" Dunkin' Donuts with it.

On August 18th, Doja Cat unveiled her new brand line, titled It’s Giving, sharing a link to the website and a teaser graphic. Shortly after making the announcement, fans began accusing Doja of stealing the phrase "it’s giving" from popular influencer and musician Rolling Ray. Rolling Ray also personally called out Doja before they appeared to privately resolve the matter.

Nevertheless, the brand is still coming under fire. People are now calling out Doja for "copying" Dunkin' Donuts with It's Giving.

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Doja Cat accused of "stealing" from Dunkin&squot; Donuts and Rolling Ray with new It’s Giving brand
Doja Cat accused of "stealing" from Dunkin' Donuts and Rolling Ray with new It’s Giving brand. Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, It's Giving

There’s no denying that the It's Giving line has a similar air to Dunkin' Donut's iconic look. The bold colour palette and eye-catching bubble letters appear to mimic the branding of Dunkin' Donuts and people on Twitter are criticising Doja for it.

"… It’s givinggg Doja Donuts [sic]” one person wrote. "If this isn't a Dunkin collab ur designer needs to be fired because..." commented another. A third person also tweeted: “so nobodyyyyyyy on her creative team knew about color + fonts in relation to existing brand recognition?!”

Someone else said that they "thought dunkin was coming out with some glitter coffee or sum [sic]".

As it stands, Doja Cat and Dunkin' Donuts are yet to address the comparisons.

The Dunkin' Donuts comparisons come shortly after fans criticised Doja for naming the line 'It's Giving' when creator Rolling Ray originated the phrase. Rolling Ray coined the term when he leaned into the Popeyes chicken sandwich craze, saying that “It’s not even giving what y’all said it was suppose to gave. Nooo!”

One person responded to Doja’s announcement by tweeting: "Lord knows I love you, but you need to run Rolling Ray his credit and his coin :/”. Another wrote: “Rolling Ray definitely made this popular.”

Rolling Ray then tweeted: "This bitch said let me steal from this handicap black & copy righted my saying uh whole year ago. Lord I'm tired of fighting". In response, Doja tweeted: "check dm".

Later that day (Aug 19), Rolling Ray tweeted: "Purr Now this giving what's supposed to be gave". In other words, it now appears that Doja and Ray have put the issue to bed.

Volume I of It's Giving features clothing items such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants and underwear, while accessories include stickers and tote bags. Prices of Doja Cat’s brand range from $5 to $61.

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