Elite season 5 soundtrack: Every song in each episode

8 April 2022, 12:07 | Updated: 19 April 2022, 18:15

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By Katie Louise Smith

Here's every song from Elite season 5 on Netflix.

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Elite season 5 is finally here which means we're finally about to uncover all the answers to the questions that the show left us with at the end of the last season.

The fifth season of the spicy Spanish teen drama sees the series pick up after the murder of Armando in the season 4 finale, with Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) appearing to be in some serious trouble. There's plenty of relationship drama too, and several brand new characters to get to know.

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The dramatic events of Elite season 5 play out over a soundtrack that features some classic Elite bops and EDM bangers. From Tiësto and Dillon Francis to Klergy and Beginners, you can find every song in the list below, categorised according to the episode.

Here's every song on the Elite season 5 soundtrack

Elite season 5 soundtrack: Find all the songs here
Elite season 5 soundtrack: Find all the songs here. Picture: Netflix

Elite season 5, episode 1 songs

The Rassle - 'Wild Ones'

Nvdes - 'Ou La La La (All Eyes On Us)'

Aime Simone - 'In This Dark Time'

Holstenwall - 'Telomeres'

Julia Lanoe, Carla Pallone - 'BB'

Kimberley Tell - 'Dime'

Letrux - 'Flerte Revival'

Moa Moa - 'Yellow Jacket'

Thiago Pethite - 'Moon'

Ten Girls - 'Circe'

Elite season 5, episode 2 songs

Black Lilys - 'Shelter'

Seyes - 'The Valley Of Unrest'

Ni/Co - 'Brace Yourself'

Kap Bambino - 'Erase'

Aīsha Devi - 'I’m Not Always Where My Body Is'

Clypso - 'Bounty'

Minuit Machine - 'Prey/Hunter'

Bala Bala Boyz - 'Baza Ba Skivere'

Wyld & Free - 'Done It Like This'

Cheap Synths - 'We're Killing It'

La Bien Querida - 'Te Quiero'

Isabella Lovestory - 'Golosa'

Elite season 5 soundtrack: Find all the songs here
Elite season 5 soundtrack: Find all the songs here. Picture: Netflix

Elite season 5, episode 3 songs

Almodovar & McNamara - 'Suck It To Me'

Almodovar & McNamara - 'Satana S.A.'

Parálisis Permanente – 'Nacidos Para Dominar'

Alaska & Los Pegamoides - 'Alta Tensión'

Ennio Morricone - 'Adesso É Amore'

Dúo Dinámico - 'Resistiré'

La Bien Querida - 'Resistiré'

Elite season 5, episode 4 songs

Word Up - 'Fair Enough'

The Supermen Lovers- 'Princess (Yuksek Remix)'

Catching Flies, Soundbwoy Killah - 'Satisfied (Soundbwoy Killah Remix)'

Miynt - 'A Bite Of Papaya'

Maxwell Hunter - 'Cynthia'

Cupido (Feat. Lola Índigo Y Alizzz) - 'Autoestima (Remix)'

Obliques - 'Big Future'

Spooky Mansion & Rose Droll - 'You’re The Wave'

Mothermary - 'Catch Fire (Johnny Jewel Remix)'

Biig Piig - 'Roses And Gold'

Lucas Vidal - 'Karmaya'

Sparkle Division - 'You Ain’t Takin’ My Man'

Monika - 'Take Me With You'

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Elite season 5, episode 5 songs

Kimberly Tell - 'Emoji'

Ultraflex - 'Olympic Sweat'

Rita Payés & Elizabeth Roma - 'Algo Contigo'

Bad Tuner - 'Coast'

Claude Fontaine - Play By Play'

Cintia Lund feat. Digital 21 - 'En El Aire'

Jono Das - 'Hurricanrana'

Lyhre - 'Gently Brutal'

Brian Eno - 'By This River'

Arca - 'Piel'

Amnesia Scanner & Lyzza - 'As Going'

Elite season 5, episode 6 songs

Duo - 'Lolita, No'

Bubble Tea and Cigarettes - 'Sam Empanada With You'

Dream Wife - 'Hey Heartbreaker'

Babeheaven - 'Jalisco'

Death Ray Shake - 'Funkface'

Dillon Francis - 'Look At That Butt (feat. Jarina De Marco)'

Flo/So - 'You'

The Liminas & Laurent Garnier - 'Que Calor!'

Delaporte - 'Cariñito'

Tim Bernardes - 'Só Nós Dois'

Echlo - 'Beautifully Cruel'

What songs are in Elite season 5?
What songs are in Elite season 5? Picture: Netflix

Elite season 5, episode 7 songs

Amalia Ramírez Hernández, Mauro Muñoz - 'Dueles Tan Bien'

NWYR - 'Shenron'

McEnroe - 'La Electricidad'

Tiësto & Hardwell - 'Zero 76 (Original Mix)'

Da Octopusss - 'Vapor'

Da Octopusss - 'Indians'

HI-LO, T78, Oliver Heldens - 'Hades (Original Mix)'

Umek - 'Cryptic Speech (Original Mix)'

Elite season 5, episode 8 songs

Umek - 'Cryptic Speech (Original Mix)'

Alex Rose - 'A Gun Called Patience'

Kelly Lee Owens - 'Re-Wild'

Allyson Paige Merrill - 'Wildflowers'

Klergy With Beginners - 'We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow'

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