Who dies in Teen Wolf The Movie? Fans slam writers over shock death

27 January 2023, 14:55

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By Sam Prance

One of Teen Wolf's main characters dies in the movie and fans are NOT happy.

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Teen Wolf fans are slamming Teen Wolf: The Movie for brutally killing off one of the TV show's most beloved main characters.

Teen Wolf: The Movie is out worldwide and there is plenty for diehard fans to enjoy. Scott is back and Lydia, Malia, Jackson, Liam and Derek join him to put a stop to a very familiar evil terrorising Beacon Hills. On top of that, Allison is alive again...or is she? However, the film has faced backlash for how it treats Stiles' absence (Dylan O'Brien decided not to return for it).

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Nevertheless, it's a death in the movie that's sparked the most outrage. A fan fave passes away in the most shocking way.


Who dies in Teen Wolf The Movie? Fans are crying over Derek's death
Who dies in Teen Wolf The Movie? Fans are crying over Derek's death. Picture: Paramount+

In Teen Wolf: The Movie, Mr. Harris sets the trickster spirit of the Nogitsune free again and it's then up to Scott and everyone else to put a stop to it. The spirit also brings Allison back from the dead and tries to use her to skill Scott. However, his plan fails and Allison works with Scott and the rest of our Beacon Hills faves to defeat the Nogitsune once and for all.

The gang realise that the only way to kill the Nogitsune is to burn him alive with Parrish's hellfire. There's a catch though. In order to keep the Nogitsune still, someone has to hold him in place. It looks like Scott is going to volunteer but Derek then grabs the Nogitsune and gives Parrish the signal to use his hellfire. Derek and the Nogitsune then burn alive.

The film ends with a funeral for Derek and his son Eli (yes, Derek has a son) taking on his legacy and joining Scott's pack.

Does Derek die in Teen Wolf: The Movie?
Does Derek die in Teen Wolf: The Movie? Picture: Paramount+

Unsurprisingly, people are outraged that Derek has died. One person tweeted: "killing derek in the same way as his family is so fucking cruel. like killing him is bad enough, but burning him alive??? absolutely fucking shameful. he didn’t deserve to go, but ESPECIALLY not like that, & not in front of his son."

Another added: "That movie is not canon to me derek is not DEAD noo this can't be real."

Explaining why he decided to kill off Derek, Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis told Entertainment Weekly: "You want to make big choices. You don't want to do a movie and say, 'Well that could've just been another episode of the show.' You want to make it feel grand."

Jeff added that he made sure that Tyler Hoechlin, who plays Derek, approved. He said: "I didn't want to do it without Tyler 's blessing, so I called him up and said, 'What do you think if we gave Derek a big, heroic, sacrificial ending?' And he was like, 'I'm in. Let's go for it.'"

He continued: "You second-guess yourself all the time. You say, 'Are we really doing this? Maybe we should plan something that'll bring him back.' But there's also part of you that wants to commit."

Jeff ended by teasing that this doesn't mean that Tyler is dead for good. He said: "It's Teen Wolf. People can always come back."

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