Who is Carlos Singh in Outer Banks season 3? His full backstory explained

24 February 2023, 17:55

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By Katie Louise Smith

Here's all the answers to every question you have about Outer Banks 3's new villain.

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Another new Outer Banks season, another new treasure and another new villain who is hellbent on doing whatever it takes to secure the bag. After introducing Limbrey and the Cross of Santo Domingo in season 2, Outer Banks season 3 introduces viewers to a man named Carlos Singh and the lost city of El Dorado.

Carlos Singh is a Caribbean don, nicknamed the Kingfish. Much like Big John, Ward Cameron and Limbrey, Carlos is another treasure hunter who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the gold. But instead of going after the Royal Merchant gold or the Cross of Santo Domingo, Singh is interested in a much bigger prize: The lost treasures of the El Dorado.

Here's everything we learn about him in Outer Banks season 3, and how he connects to Big John and Outer Banks' Denmark Tanny legacy.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Outer Banks season 3!

Outer Banks: Who is Carlos Singh? Why does he want Denmark Tanny's diary?
Outer Banks: Who is Carlos Singh? Why does he want Denmark Tanny's diary? Picture: Netflix

Why was Carlos looking for John B and the Pogues?

After hearing that the Pogues had jumped from the ship after attempting to steal the Cross of Santo Domingo away from the Camerons, he sends Portis out to scout nearby islands in order to find them.

He eventually finds them and brings them back to Barbados but after their plane crashes into the shoreline, they all escape except for Kie. Kie is captured and taken to Singh’s mansion. There, he orders her and Rafe Cameron (who ended up there while trying to make a deal for Singh to buy the stolen Cross) to find and bring back the diary of Denmark Tanny in exchange for their release.

How and why does he believe the Pogues and the Camerons know the whereabouts of the diary? Because they managed to find the Cross, which Denmark Tanny had written about in the diary, detailing where he got it from and where he had hidden it.

Why does Carlos want Denmark Tanny's diary?

Singh believes the diary contains clues to the location of El Dorado and the treasures hidden there.

In episode 3, Big John explains that the San Jose ship and its crew were rumoured to have found El Dorado, which is why there was so much gold on board. The San Jose was then destroyed by the Royal Merchant and Captain Limbrey, who stole the gold from them.

As we know, Tanny, who was an enslaved crew member of the Merchant, then took the gold, hid it in the Outer Banks and wrote everything down in his diary, including various details of El Dorado and clues on how to find it.

While Carlos was on the right lines, it's revealed that Tanny did not write about El Dorado in the diary, but rather in an unopened letter he had sent to his daughter Clarice, a.k.a. Pope's grandmother.

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Carlos Singh is played by Canadian actor Andy McQueen in Outer Banks
Carlos Singh is played by Canadian actor Andy McQueen in Outer Banks. Picture: Netflix

Why does Carlos want to find El Dorado?

Well, aside from the greed of wanting to own all of that gold and treasure, Singh also believes he's the one who will complete the grand quest of finding El Dorado, a quest that has remained uncompleted for 500 years.

In episode 8, Singh explains that his grandfather was actually part of Theodore Roosevelt's expedition in search of El Dorado back in 1913, after they arrived in the country as indentured servants. He died on the ship after the search failed.

Singh is now attempting to complete the quest to not only help correct the wrongdoings that came to his family but also because he believes it's his destiny.

How are Carlos and Big John connected?

Back when Ward Cameron almost killed Big John and left him for dead, Big John was found by some of Singh's mercenaries and brought back to Barbados where he was basically held captive. Singh believed that Big John was onto something in regards to the Royal Merchant treasure and, by extension, El Dorado.

Singh wanted Big John to tell him everything he knew about the Signpost of Orinoco that was currently in his possession. Instead, Big John knocked Singh out after inspected the artefact and escaped with the signpost.

In episode 6, Singh finally catches up with Big John and takes the Signpost/Gnomon. After Big John tells Singh he's the only one who can translate the symbols, Singh captures him and takes him to Venezuela to join him on the quest.

In the final episode, Big John ends up escaping from Carlos and sets off with John B, Sarah and Ward Cameron to solve the gnomon test. Carlos manages to catch up and chases them to the entrance of El Dorado, but is blown up after Big John detonates a stick of dynamite in the pathway.

After piggybacking off the Pogues and Big John's work, Carlos fails his quest. At the end of the season the Pogues are heralded as heroes for finding El Dorado.

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