North West celebrates her birthday with luxury camp-themed party and private jet ride

29 June 2022, 15:46 | Updated: 29 June 2022, 16:02

Kim Kardashian shares luxurious sleepover set up at North's 9th birthday

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Guests arrived at Camp North on private jet.

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Kim Kardashian's daughter North West recently celebrated turning nine years old and everyone's talking about her ridiculously extravagant birthday party celebrations.

When it comes to Kardashian-Jenner birthdays, it's rarely ever a slice of cake and dinner at Pizza Hut situation. The family are always throwing the most outrageously OTT parties (see: Kim Kardashian's entire 40th birthday shindig on a private island) and North's birthday was no exception.

The iconic preteen turned nine on June 15, but Kim waited until Tuesday (June 28) to share how her eldest daughter celebrated, and it's every child's dream.

According to Kim's Instagram Stories, North flew her closet friends out to her very own adventure camp in Wyoming, named Camp North, for a weekend of fun-filled activities. Yes, no mini-bus here, flew…

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Everyone is losing it over North West's luxury camping trip birthday party
Everyone is losing it over North West's luxury camping trip birthday party. Picture: @kimkardashian via Instagram

In attendance for the festivities were North's cousin Penelope Disick and Jessica Simpson's daughter Maxwell Drew. The girls all travelled in style via private jet courtesy of Kim, who has purchased her own jet named Kim Air. Kim even decorated the jet with cobwebs and wood in keeping with the camping trip theme.

And when the gals arrived at their destination, it appeared to be non-stop activities. Photos show the group crossing a wooden bridge on a ropes course suspended high up in the trees, riding on an inflatable being towed by a boat and even wakeboarding.

Of course when it came down to settling down for the night the gals didn't slum it in a tent pitched in the woods like a traditional camping trip, god no. Everyone "camped" inside what looked like a hotel room in blood-spattered mini tents with comfortable mattresses, blankets, pillows and lanterns.

North even had her own merch. Yep, everyone also received a pair of custom "Camp North" pyjamas to mark the occasion.

As you can imagine, Camp North is all the internet can talk about right now and the comments range from people seething with jealously to people believing it's waaaaay too much.

"I wish I was friends with North," one person commented on Kim's Instagram post. Another added: "My parents dropped me off at camp in a Honda minivan when I was a kid," and a third fumed: "Nothing says 'camping' like a ride on a private jet to a remote location with custom pajamas."

Kim previously shared that the idea for North's birthday celebrations came from her love of special effects makeup.

"She does really good wounds and scars, she's really good at it. She was taking classes, and so she wanted to have a spooky wilderness-themed birthday party. So I took them out camping in the wilderness," Kim explained during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

"She wanted to teach her girlfriends. We took about eight kids, eight girls, and we went camping in the wilderness."

She continued: "She wanted it to be really spooky. She wanted mannequin heads, and there was a whole class. She taught her friends how to do special effects, wounds and scars."

North West does skurfing on birthday camping trip

Northie… if you ever need a bestie… I'm right here!

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