Is Harry Styles behind You Are Home website? All the HS3 clues explained

21 March 2022, 14:25 | Updated: 21 March 2022, 16:15

Harry Styles helps fan come out on 2021 tour

By Katie Louise Smith is teasing images based on book covers including Nature and Selected Essays and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.

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Harry Styles fans, it is time...maybe? A mysterious new website called has popped up online and on social media, and fans have some pretty compelling evidence that it could be linked to Harry's new album or new single.

Rumours, theories and unconfirmed reports about the forthcoming HS3 have been circulating for a couple of months now. Towards the end of his Love On Tour US leg, theories about Harry's new colour scheme sparked speculation that a new era was on the way. A couple of months later, a TikTok account with the username @suemonella started sharing videos linked to Harry.

Now, all eyes on and its many apparent connections to Harry. Is it all promo for the album? Is it a hint at some lyrics from HS3? Is Harry starting an interior design company? Let’s investigate, shall we?

Is Harry Styles behind mysterious You Are Home website?
Is Harry Styles behind mysterious You Are Home website? Picture: Anthony Pham via Getty Images,

What is is a website that leads users to an image of a door. When you hover your mouse over the door, it opens slightly to reveal a glimpse at a pattern hidden inside.

The website is accompanied by a Twitter account of the same name which started tweeting on March 18th. One day later, the account tweeted: "the door is open, come on in".

It appears as though the pattern behind the door changes each day at 4pm UK time, and is accompanied by a new cryptic tweet that may or may not be lyrics from the new album.

So far, three images have been see behind the door, two of which appear to be parts of book illustrations or covers.

The first image behind the door, which looks like a sunflower stalk, is the cover of Nature and Selected Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The second image, a blue to red gradient, appears to be the spine design of a Haruki Murakami book Harry has been carrying, titled The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.

The third is an image of Earth.

Fans first noticed after several ads for the mysterious website starting popping up in newspapers across the world.

After taking a closer look at the website's coding, fans discovered a series of coordinates that all relate to places on the map where newspapers appear to be produced.

The coordinates are also separated into three categories: 'Door,' 'Lamp,' and 'Vase'. Each newspaper linked to that coordinate appears to have printed an ad corresponding to the category that it's in.

So, why do people think Harry Styles is behind

Harry has become known for teasing his next projects with cryptic websites and social media accounts (remember Eroda?), and big mysterious billboards and adverts (remember DYKWYA?). Fans believe is linked to Harry for a number of reasons...

1) The illustrations on the YouAreHome adverts are drawn in a very similar styles to artist Maggie Cowles (@maggiemargaret_designs on Instagram). In a thread shared by @stylesfeature, it was pointed out that Maggie recently followed Harry to Instagram too.

2) There's a theory that the theme of Harry's next album will centre around 'home'.

This is all thanks to the new music video that Harry was spotted filming back in February, where he was peeped sitting in a huge bed as it drove down The Mall in London. And then there's also the fact that there's a pit section on his upcoming 2022 Love On Tour shows called 'Bedroom', which sits alongside 'Hallway' and 'Kitchen'.

And finally, 3) The fact that Harry said goodbye to the audience during various Love On Tour stops by saying, “One more time, as loud as you can, send me home…”

Has he been hinting about this for months?! And we didn't even realise?

Whether or not Harry Styles is really the one behind remains to be seen. But the evidence that the fans have brought to the dining table, your honour? It's pretty convincing.

It's only a matter of time before the You Are Home door opens completely and we're invited inside to find out what the hell is actually going on. (Clown shoes at the ready, just in case.)

No release dates or official teasers have been released for Harry's next album just yet but it certainly feels like something is brewing...

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