Stranger Things 5: Will season 4 be the last season of the Netflix series?

8 July 2019, 17:59 | Updated: 8 July 2019, 18:02

By Sam Prance

Stranger Things season 4 is in the works but what about season 5?

Stranger Things 3 is finally here but fans are now eager to know if season 4 is the last season and if there will be a season 5?

Ever since Netflix released Stranger Things in 2016, it's become one of the most popular shows on the streaming service. Fans can't get enough of Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, Max and the rest of our favourite Hawkins residents. Not to mention, the plot of each season never fails to shock and amaze us, as the show's characters battle monsters from The Upside Down.

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Stranger Things 4 has all but been confirmed (Netflix have yet to give the official word despite chat from the producers) but is a Stranger Things 5 on its way too and which season will be the final season?

Will there be a Stranger Things season 5?

Stranger Things 5: Is season 4 the last season of the Netflix series?
Stranger Things 5: Is season 4 the last season of the Netflix series? Picture: Netflix

As it stands, Stranger Things' creators the Duffer Brothers are yet to reveal if they have plans to write Stranger Things 5. That being said, they have spoken about how many Stranger Things season they intend to make and five is definitely being considered. Speaking to E! in 2017, Ross said: "We don't actually know. I think, you know, four to five seasons is likely where we'll end up, but who knows?"

Ross then added: "I mean none of this is official and we know where we want to go. We're trying to figure out still how long it'll take to get there, so we'll see." Interesting. Matt also interjected: "It's hard, like four seems short, five seems long. So I don't know what to do."

Well, we're more than happy to give them some advice. Four is too short and five isn't too long. Sorted.


Of course, we understand that the Duffer Brothers have a vision for Stranger Things which doesn't involve it continuing just for the sake of it. However, there is still so much to explore in the Stranger Things world. What is Russia using The Upside Down for? Where are the numbered test subjects other than Eleven and Eight now? Will Hopper come back from the dead?

All of this could be finished in season 4 of course but why not extend it to season 5?

What do you think? Would you like a fifth season?