Everything We Know About Stranger Things Season 4

25 April 2018, 12:02

Stranger Things
Stranger Things. Picture: Netflix

By Marianne Eloise

It's "definitely happening"

Filming for season three of Stranger Things is only just underway, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t already looking to the future. The third (and possibly penultimate) season will drop around early 2019 according to Finn Wolfhard who said it was a “2019 thing”, and then after that, we have at least one (but perhaps two) seasons left in Hawkins before we have to say goodbye.

Season four is set to be the most exciting one yet as it will wrap up all of the things the former seasons set in motion. There isn’t that much information to go on just yet, but here is everything we do know:

Has Stranger Things season 4 been confirmed?

Yes. Speaking to Collider recently, producer Shawn Levy said that “season four is definitely happening”, adding that, “there’s very much the possibility of a season beyond that one, that’s currently undecided".

How many episodes will be in Stranger Things season 4?

While nothing has been confirmed, we do know that seasons 1 and 3 definitely had (or will have) eight episodes each. Season 2 was an anomaly with 9 because of the additional episode, “The Lost Sister”. However, it looks like 8 is the standard, so it’s likely that 4 will fit with that model.

When is Stranger Things season 4 released?

While there is not yet even a confirmation on the release date of season 3, we can make an educated guess as to an estimated release date. As season 3 will drop around early 2019 at the latest, it seems like we can expect 4 around early-mid 2020.

What year will Stranger Things 4 be set in?

So far the seasons have taken place a year apart – with season 1 set in 1983, 2 in 1984, and 3 in 1985. Unless there’s a huge time leap or it takes them way too long to bring out the fourth, it’s looking like it’ll be set in 1986.

Which cast members will return for Stranger Things season 4?

Unless something really tragic happens in season 3 (not unlikely, TBH) we’ll probably see our favourite cast returning, hopefully with some new faces. However, that’ll become clear when the events of season 3 unfold…