Mojo Dojo Casa House memes have taken over thanks to Ken in the Barbie movie

28 July 2023, 17:26 | Updated: 28 July 2023, 17:30

Ryan Gosling is 'just Ken' in new musical Barbie trailer

By Katie Louise Smith

All these Mojo Dojo Casa House memes? SUBLIME!

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Not only has Barbie become a box office smash, a critical success and everyone's new personality, it's also just provided the internet with an endless amount of memes.

There's simply no chance you've been able to scroll through your timelines this past week without seeing some kind of viral tweet relating back to the movie. Depressed Barbie? Allan? Crying Barbie? The Mojo Dojo Casa House...?

Ken's Mojo Dojo Casa House plays a pivotal role in the film and the jokes people are making about it after seeing the movie have somehow made it even funnier.

Behold: The finest Mojo Dojo Casa House memes you'll ever lay your eyes on. Shades on, brewski beers at the ready... (Spoilers ahead, obviously!)

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Mojo Dojo Casa House memes have taken over thanks to Ken in the Barbie movie
Mojo Dojo Casa House memes have taken over thanks to Ken in the Barbie movie. Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures, NBC

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Barbie!

WARNING: Barbie spoilers ahead!
WARNING: Barbie spoilers ahead! Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures via YouTube

What is a Mojo Dojo Casa House?

The Mojo Dojo Case House makes its grand appearance after Ken returns to Barbie Land to tell all the other Kens what he found out about the 'patriarchy' while out in the Real World.

Ken returns before Barbie does, and when Barbie arrives back home, she discovers that the Kens have completely taken over Barbie Land, as well as every single Dreamhouse which have since been have turned into Mojo Dojo Casa Houses.

Playing off the stereotypical "man cave" aesthetics and energy of a messy bachelor pad/frat house, the Ken's Mojo Dojo Casa Houses are full of horse-themed accessories, mini-fridges stocked full of beers, faux furs, 'Kendom' flags, reclining chairs, protein powders, golf clubs...

Now, people who have seen the film have turned the Mojo Dojo Casa House into a meme – and it's truly one of the best Barbie memes yet.

The Mojo Dojo Casa House cinematic universe is unmatched.

If only he had decided to build a Mojo Dojo Casa House instead of an atomic bomb.

I think we've all stepped into a Real World Mojo Dojo Casa House at least once in our lives...

Life really does imitate art.

The ONLY man whose Mojo Dojo Casa House I would be willing to live in!

On a scale of 1-10, how chaotic do you think Schmidt's Mojo Dojo Casa House would be?

Harry's Mojo Dojo Casa House

'SUBLIME!' (Taylor's Version) [From The Mojo Dojo Casa House]

If his Mojo Dojo Casa House is located in the basement and is made out of glass? RUN.

To quote the great Stereotypical Ken... "SUBLIME!"

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