Selena Gomez new album: SG3 release date, tracklist, title, theories and everything we know

4 January 2024, 16:23

Selena Gomez sings Love You to Love Me in TikTok video

By Sam Prance

Here's everything we know about Selena Gomez's new album which she has now said will be her last.

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Gotta keep an eye out for Selenerrrr! Selena Gomez is getting ready to release her brand new album SG3 and she's now said that it will be her last ever project. Is Selena being serious though, and what else do we know about the record so far?

Following the release of her album Rare in 2020, Selena Gomez has been involved in a wide variety of successful projects. She's returned to TV with Only Murders in the Building, launched a cosmetics line, hosted a cooking show, put out a documentary, recorded a Spanish language EP and dominated the charts with multiple hit collaborations.

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Now, Selena has confirmed that her highly-anticipated new album SG3 is dropping imminently. With that in mind, here's everything we know so far about SG3 including the release date, tracklist, title, producers and so much more.

Is Selena Gomez releasing a new album?

Selena Gomez new album: SG3 release date, tracklist, title, theories and everything we know
Selena Gomez new album: SG3 release date, tracklist, title, theories and everything we know. Picture: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for MTV, @selenagomez via Instagram

When is Selena Gomez releasing SG3?

Fans of Selena Gomez will already know that she's been hard at work on her new album since 2021. In May of that year, she shared a photo of herself from in the studio wearing an "SG3" bracelet. In the time since, Selena's teased multiple glimpses of her recording music on social media with promises that it's coming.

When Selena released her one-off song 'Single Soon' in August 2023, she said: "Y’all have been asking for new music for a while. Since I’m not quite done with SG3, I wanted to put out a fun little song I wrote a while back that’s perfect for the end of summer."

She also told SiriusXM at the time, "We're nearly rapping up the album." With this in mind, it seems likely that the SG3 campaign will start at some point in the first half of 2024.

Will SG3 be Selena Gomez's last album?

In recent interviews, Selena has hinted that she will take a break from music after SG3. Speaking on the Smartless podcast in January 2024, Selena said: "I do feel like I have one more album in me, but I would probably choose acting."

When the hosts argued that Selena can do both, she said: "I am going to want to chill because I’m tired."

She added: "I wanted to be an actress, I never really intended on being a singer full-time but apparently that hobby turned into something else. I don’t think I’m the best singer but I do know how to tell stories. I love being able to make songs."

Whether or not Selena does fully take a break from music after SG3 is yet to be seen.

Why does Selena Gomez call her fourth album SG3?

Selena has already released three solo studio albums, and that number increases to six if we include her projects as part of Selena Gomez and the Scene. So why is she calling her upcoming album SG3?

Well, fans will already know that Selena also called Rare SG2 and considers Revival her first album because it was her first project with full creative control.

Kiss & Tell, A Year Without Rain, When the Sun Goes Down and Stars Dance were all released with Selena's Disney label Hollywood Records and Selena had less input in them. So, while Selena still appreciates many songs from those four albums, she considers Revival to be her first project as an artist.

Who has Selena Gomez worked with on SG3?

As it stands, Selena has remained tight-lipped about who she's worked with on SG3. However, Justin Tranter posted a video of him in the studio with Selena and Julia Michaels in 2022. Justin and Julia have previously worked on huge Selena songs including 'Good for You', 'Hands to Myself', 'Bad Liar' and 'Lose You to Love Me'.

Elsewhere, it's possible that Selena's been in the studio with her boyfriend Benny Blanco ('Kill Em With Kindness', 'Same Old Love', 'Single Soon'). She's also been spotted working with Fred Again but it's unclear whether or not she's been working with him for his projects or her own album.

What is Selena Gomez's SG3 tracklist?

Selena Gomez is yet to reveal any of the song names for SG3 and it's been confirmed that 'Single Soon' will not be part of the album. Nevertheless, she has teased that the album is an uplifting and uptempo project.

Speaking on SiriusXM in August 2023, Selena said: "There's not one sad song on my album. I genuinely didn't have anything in me to write something negative. It just doesn't match where I'm at anymore."

What is SG3 called?

There is no word on the title of SG3 just yet. Selena's past three projects have all started with the letter R (Revival, Rare, Revelación). Whether or not she continues that pattern is yet to be seen. We will keep you posted with any updates.

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