Stranger Things' Brett Gelman says he ships Byler but only on one condition

19 July 2022, 14:23

By Sam Prance

The Murray Bauman actor is all for Byler, but only if both Will Byers and Mike Wheeler are both for Byler.

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Stranger Things star Brett Gelman has sounded off on all things Byler and said that he ships them, but only on one condition.

Stranger Things fans have long shipped Will Byers and Mike Wheeler together and the demand for Byler to become a proper couple has increased tenfold following the release of Stranger Things 4. In the latest season, there are multiple scenes that make it clear that Will is in love with Mike. However, there's been no indication yet that Mike reciprocates Will's feelings.

Now, Brett Gelman, who plays chaotic king Murray Bauman on the show, has entered the chat with his thoughts on Byler.

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Stranger Things' Brett Gelman says he ships Byler but only if Mike is in love with Will too
Stranger Things' Brett Gelman says he ships Byler but only if Mike is in love with Will too. Picture: Netflix

Taking to Twitter over the weekend (Jul 17), Brett wrote: "I am for Byler if Byler is for Byler. If it’s a match then it should be so. I’m not for Byler if Mike isn’t for it because then Will gets hurt. And I also don’t want El to have a broken heart. But if Byler is what is meant to be then I ship Byler BIG TIME!!!"

A sensitive, kind and measured take on Byler? We love to see it.

Brett also clapped back at anyone who didn't like his words by tweeting: "It’s pretty pathetic that all you little homophobes think calling me gay is an insult. It’s a compliment. So thank you. I ship love in whatever form it takes baby. And y’all who don’t. Maybe you’re scared to look at something." He then added: "I Stan the LGBTQ+ community."

As for how he feels about Mileven, Brett tweeted: "Let me be clear that I also ship Eleven and Mike. If that’s what’s meant to be. Regardless I hope Will finds love as well as love for himself and who he really is. No one should feel ashamed for who they are and who they love."

No. I'm not crying you are.

It's official. The only person more iconic than Murray is Brett Gelman himself. An ally in the truest form.

What do you think? Do you ship Byler?

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