Harry Styles fans defend his “bizarre” accent in new Don’t Worry Darling clip

26 August 2022, 14:13 | Updated: 26 August 2022, 14:41

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By Emma Kershaw

"Is that an American accent or not?? I cant tell."

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Harry Styles’ accent in a new clip from Don’t Worry Darling is leaving people confused.

In a new preview from the upcoming film, set to be released on September 23rd, Harry's character Jack can be seen arguing with Alice (Florence Pugh), and the internet is debating over what accent the 'As It Was' singer is trying to use.

Is it his normal Northern English accent? American? Australian? No one really knows, apparently. The discourse has got so out of hand that people are now having to explain and defend the singer from critics on social media.

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Commenting on his accent in the clip, one person wrote: “Is that an American accent or not?? I cant tell.”

“He’s supposed to be British right?” said another, as a third person commented: “Harry Styles should go to the accent school of Jodie Comer.”

Of course, the memes have been on point, with many Twitter users seeing the funny side to the 'mystery' accent.

As a result of all those tweets, many people are now defending Harry’s accent.

In case you didn't know, Harry grew up in Cheshire, which is near Manchester. The accent that he's speaking with in Don't Worry Darling clip is pretty much his actual, real accent. (Although, to be fair, his real accent has wavered a little bit in the past thanks to all the time he's spent in the US).

Responding to the critics on social media, fans have been pointing out that he's not putting on a "fake" accent at all.

“People are saying what's up with his accent. You mean his natural Northern accent? Not everyone from England sounds like The Crown or Top Boy! This Northerner loves to hear it!” MTV host Hanna Flint wrote.

The clip from Don’t Worry Darling isn’t the first time the Harry’s House hitmaker’s accent has been the topic of conversation.

In a viral interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, fans were quick to notice that Harry sounded rather different to normal.

"I’m watching the harry styles & zane lowe interview and I have one problem with it,” one person tweeted. “CAN HARRY JUST PICK A DAMN ACCENT. HES EITHER ENGLISH OR AMERICAN. JUST PICK ONE MR STYLES.”

Another commented: “Sounds like an Australian South African that lived in Yorkshire for a while, before moving to Scandinavia, that now lives in the US.”

Whatever accent Harry is speaking in, we can’t wait to see him hit screens again this Autumn.

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