Eric Dane says Cal is going to get a redemption arc in Euphoria season 3

1 March 2022, 14:19

Eric Dane and Jacob Elordi on Cal and Nate’s Euphoria season 2 finale confrontation

By Sam Prance

Eric Dane also said that he thought it was "harsh" of Nate to call the cops on his dad.

Eric Dane has teased what's next for Cal in Euphoria season 3 and said that the teen drama villain will get a redemption arc.

Cal Jacobs has had quite a journey in Euphoria season 2. Over the course of the past eight episodes, the controversial Eric Dane character has had multiple explicit sex scenes, been beaten up by Ashtray and left his family after delivering an epic seven-minute monologue with his penis out. Not to mention, we've seen Cal's backstory and met his first love, Derek.

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Euphoria season 2 ends with Cal being arrested after Nate exposes Cal's illegal sex tapes to the police. As a result, it looks as though Cal will be going to jail. Now, Eric Dane has revealed what he thinks will happen to Cal in Euphoria season 3.

Will Cal be in Euphoria season 3? Is he going to jail?

Eric Dane says Cal is going to get a redemption arc in Euphoria season 3
Eric Dane says Cal is going to get a redemption arc in Euphoria season 3. Picture: LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy Stock Photo, HBO

Chatting to Variety about Cal's future on the show, Eric said: "There’s gonna be redemption. I mean, that’s the trajectory he’s on. I can’t imagine Cal’s life from solitary confinement. It’s tough to work Cal into the storyline when he’s behind bars."

As a result, it looks as though Cal won't be in jail for long and Eric expects him to somehow redeem himself going forward.

Given that Cal has slept with minors and filmed himself having sex with people without their permission, we doubt that fans will ever be able to see him as anything other than a villain but we'll be intrigued to see what happens in the third season.

Speaking about whether Cal can repair his relationship with Nate, Eric said: "I hope so. I think that’s what was happening in that scene. When I said what I said in the foyer, Nate didn’t say anything. He got a real chance to express himself with how he felt, even with the gun. The gun was his kind of way of saying, 'I fucking hate you, Dad, for what you did to me.'"

Eric continued: "He even says, 'I’ve always protected you and you fucking hated me for it.' Because Cal felt like a piece of shit. He resented his son for that. But Nate gets a real opportunity to do what I did in the foyer."

Cal had illegal sex with Jules in Euphoria season 1 and filmed it
Cal had illegal sex with Jules in Euphoria season 1 and filmed it. Picture: HBO

Discussing the Cal and Nate scene in further depth, Eric said: "That scene went through many iterations. When I saw that he had called the cops on me, I thought, 'That seems a little harsh to do to your dad.' But I do think that the scene provided - before the cops came in - some closure that Cal got to acknowledge that he failed him as a father."

He added: "I would think moving forward, there would be some healing between the two of them. I don’t know where we’re going to find Cal. We could find him in the SHU Program at Pelican Bay next season. Hopefully not. You know, he may not turn in that thumb drive and therefore the cops just grab me and then it’s all a big mistake."

Eric ended by saying: "But we’ll see, whatever the brilliant mind of Sam Levinson comes up with. But, you know, we found Cal in a saw mill at a post-sex party."

What do you think? Does Cal deserve a redemption arc?

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