How old are Eddie and Chrissy in Stranger Things 4? Joseph Quinn confirms Eddie's age

18 July 2022, 15:27 | Updated: 18 July 2022, 17:09

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Joseph Quinn and Grace Van Dien have both clarified Eddie and Chrissy's ages follow fan confusion.

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Stranger Things 4 gave us some pretty incredible moments between our fave couples and duos. And it also introduced us to some new pairings, including the unlikely duo of Eddie, the 'freak' and the leader of the Hellfire Club, and Chrissy, the popular girl, head cheerleader and girlfriend of Jason Carver.

Eddie and Chrissy strike up an unlikely friendship in the very first episode when the two meet in the woods for a drug deal. The conversation that transpires between them is adorable, and ever since then, fans have been thinking about what a cute couple they could have been.

Unfortunately, their untimely deaths mean we'll never get to see whether or not their cute friendship would have blossomed into something else in the future, but that hasn't stopped fans from shipping "Edssy".

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How old are Eddie and Chrissy in Stranger Things 4?
How old are Eddie and Chrissy in Stranger Things 4? Picture: Netflix

Even Joseph Quinn and Grace Van Dien, who play Eddie and Chrissy, think they would have been cute together.

In an interview with TVLine, Joseph confirmed that there was some romantic intrigue between the two in the drug-deal scene. And in another interview with TUDUM, he added: "It would be lovely if there was a world in which [they could] be a pretty uncouth couple at Hawkins High that I think might shake things up a little bit."

Grace shared similar comments about the two characters having "baby crushes" on each other during a Comic Con Q&A session.

But while some fans have been shipping the two characters, others have called the shipping out due to concerns and confusion over their respective ages, and their apparent "age gap".

So, in case you're wondering how old Eddie and Chrissy actually are in Stranger Things 4, here's a quick guide based on everything that's been shared so far, and what is actually included about their ages in the show.

How old are Eddie Munson and Chrissy Cunningham?

Stranger Things 4: Eddie and Chrissy's drug-deal scene
Stranger Things 4: How old are Eddie and Chrissy? Picture: Netflix

How old is Eddie Munson in Stranger Things 4?

Eddie's exact age is never specified in Stranger Things 4 but in the very first episodes, we do get an idea of how old he is supposed to be.

The Hellfire Club members state that Eddie has already failed his final year twice. In 1986, Eddie is retaking his Senior year for the third time. (Based on that info, it sounds like Eddie was originally meant to graduate in 1984.)

High school seniors in the US are usually around 17-18 years old, and with Eddie being held back two years in a row, his age in March 1986 would likely be 20 years old.

In an interview with Extra, Joseph Quinn also clarified that Eddie is meant to be around 20/21 years old.

(However, there is some discrepancy in the final episode of season 4. When Eddie's uncle Wayne Munson replaces Eddie's missing poster, the poster states that Eddie is 17 years old. Eddie, as we know, is definitely not 17.)

Stranger Things 4: How old is Eddie Munson?
Stranger Things 4: How old is Eddie Munson? Picture: Netflix

How old is Chrissy Cunningham in Stranger Things 4?

In her character description, Chrissy was introduced as Hawkins High's head cheerleader, which would likely make her a senior. Her '86' necklace would also imply that she is in the graduating class of '86, making her 17-18 years old. (She is not 16, as some fans previously thought.)

In her file in Ms. Kelley's office, Chrissy's birth date appears to be listed as June 13th 1968 (6/13/68). That detail would make Chrissy 17 in March 1986, set to turn 18 a few months later.

However, Grace Van Dien (who plays Chrissy) confirmed Chrissy's age as 18 after sharing a screenshot from the casting call she received back in 2019 for her audition. All other casting calls for Chrissy also clarify that her age is 18.

Another detail that fans have brought up regarding Eddie and Chrissy's age gap is the fact that they went to middle school together. Based on that detail, they can really only be around two or three years apart in age.

Stranger Things 4: How old is Chrissy Cunningham?
Stranger Things 4: How old is Chrissy Cunningham? Picture: Netflix

So, there you have it. Chrissy is confirmed to be 18, according to her character description. Eddie is confirmed to be around 20 (going on 21), based on Joseph Quinn's comments.

Despite their brief flirtation, Eddie and Chrissy were never romantically involved with each other. But if they had both survived and made it to season 5, would you have liked to see them get together at some point in the future?

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