Stranger Things actor Joe Keery says he doesn’t wash his hair

13 August 2021, 13:04 | Updated: 28 May 2022, 21:14

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By Sam Prance

Joe Keery also said that he turned down a deal with a haircare brand because he didn't want to be a sellout.

Joe Keery may be best known for his long locks but the Stranger Things star has just revealed that he doesn't wash his hair.

Another day, another celebrity owns up to not washing. Back in 2019, Taylor Swift let slip that she doesn't wash her legs and just recently multiple famous people have come out the woodwork with their controversial washing habits. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis admitted that they don't wash regularly, and Kristen Bell and Jake Gyllenhaal both confessed the same.

Now, Joe Keery has entered the ring. A new GQ profile confirms that the 29-year-old never uses shampoo or conditioner.

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Stranger Things actor Joe Keery says he doesn’t wash his hair
Stranger Things actor Joe Keery says he doesn’t wash his hair. Picture: REUTERS/Caitlin Ochs, Netflix

In reference to Joe, the GQ interview begins: "He doesn't wash his hair. He rarely even touches it, except during moments of contemplation, when his fingers will comb the fallen front strands back into an upward swell that maintains an anime level of consistency. He does not “get” haircuts in the way most people get haircuts—by asking for and then paying for them. Haircuts simply happen to him, in the way a belly rub happens to a dog on a walk."

Joe then revealed that a haircare brand actually offered him a "bunch of money" to work with them but he passed on it. Joe said: "I think it would just be so lame for the majority of people. It would be a sellout move. Don't you think?" It's unclear if he means that it would be a sellout move to take care of his hair or just work with a brand in general.

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Joe also opened up about his controversial 2019 haircut. He said: "It didn't go over well. I saw some funny photos of it, and apparently, I looked like a fucking idiot. But that's okay. I think it's good for everybody to look like an idiot at some point."

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