Does Max die in Stranger Things 4? Does she have powers?

27 May 2022, 10:25 | Updated: 27 May 2022, 19:51

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By Sam Prance

Does Vecna kill Max in Stranger Things 4? Here's why you've seen Max levitating in the Stranger Things season 4 trailer.

Stranger Things 4 is finally out and we now know if Max has powers, if she dies and why she was levitating in the trailer.

As soon as the Stranger Things 4 trailer dropped, the entire fandom was sent into meltdown. Not only did it show glimpses of Hopper in Russia and Eleven with Dr. Owens, but it also showed Max literally floating metres in the air as Steve, Lucas and Dustin all looked on in disbelief. Naturally, fans were led to wonder if Max had powers or if she was possessed.

All is explained over the course of Stranger Things 4. With that in mind, here's our guide to exactly what happens to Max in Stranger Things 4 and whether or not she has any supernatural abilities.

This article will contain major Stranger Things 4 spoilers so stop reading now and come back after you've finished watching Volume 1 if you'd rather not see them.

Does Max have powers in Stranger Things 4? Her storyline explained
Does Max have powers in Stranger Things 4? Her storyline explained. Picture: Netflix

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Stranger Things season 4.

If you haven't watched Stranger Things 4, episode 4 yet, save this page and come back later.

WARNING: Stranger Things 4 spoilers ahead
WARNING: Stranger Things 4 spoilers ahead. Picture: Netflix

Thanks to the trailers, fans had theorised that Max was somehow connected to the Upside Down in a similar way that Will was back in season 2.

Max appears to have visions of a creepy version of Hawkins, but it's not quite the Upside Down. It's a derelict, red dimension. Max's encounter with the Vecna in the trailer appears to reference Will's nightmares at the beginning of season 2. Will was having those nightmares and visions of the Upside Down because he was the Mind Flayer's host, and was able to see what that creature was seeing.

Theories about Will developing powers have been floating around the fandom for years, and for a moment, it looked like Max was about to join that conversation.

But it's soon revealed that no, Max does not have powers in Stranger Things 4. Her storyline is actually much more terrifying...

Does Max die in Stranger Things 4? Does Vecna kill her?
Does Max die in Stranger Things 4? Does Vecna kill her? Picture: Netflix

In the season, viewers are introduced to a new villain called Vecna who lives in the Upside Down. As the season progresses, we learn that Vecna targets people who are depressed and struggling with their mental health. He inhabits their minds, possesses them and brutally kills them by snapping their bodies apart.

As soon as Stranger Things 4 begins, we learn that Max is still heavily affected by Billy's death. She's broken up with Lucas and pushed away those closest to her. It's clear that she is not in a good mental state and could be Vecna's next target.

In episode 4, Max has realised that Vecna has begun inhabiting her mind and Steve, Lucas, Dustin, Robin and Nancy all do their best to try and keep her alive. However, towards the end of the episode, Vecna possesses Max's body. Her eyes go white and Vecna begins tormenting her in her dreams. It looks like all hope is lost.

Vecna looks on as Max tries to escape
Vecna looks on as Max tries to escape. Picture: Netflix

Does Max die in Stranger Things 4? Does Vecna kill her?

Thankfully, before Vecna kills Max, Robin and Nancy work out a way to save his victims. Through research, they discover a man (Victor Creel) in a mental hospital who claims that Vecna murdered his entire family and they learn that people can escape Vecna's grasp by listening to their favourite songs. They quickly relay this information to Dustin, Steve and Lucas.

The boys then get Max to listen to Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill'. She suddenly levitates into the air and it looks like Vecna is about to murder her. Max even sees a vivid, emotional supercut of all her most precious moments with Lucas, Eleven, Will, Dustin, Mike, Billy, Nancy, Robin, Steve, Erica and various other characters.

However, Max then starts to see the real world outside of the Upside Down in her mind. She wounds Vecna and runs towards Lucas, Dustin and Steve. The episode ends with Max falling to the ground, no longer possessed and alive.

Max survives the rest of Volume 1 but it's unclear if Vecna will still come back for her.

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