Stranger Things' Jamie Campbell Bower just found out what a Vecnussy is and I’m screaming

19 July 2022, 12:04

By Sam Prance

And the Academy Award goes to Jamie Campbell Bower trying to figure out what a Vecnussy is.

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Stranger Things actor Jamie Campbell Bower has just learned what a Vecnussy is and his reaction is too hilarious for words.

Vecna is an icon, he's a legend and he is the moment. Now, come on now. He may be a terrifying supervillain responsible for terrorising all of our Hawkins faves but, thanks to Jamie Campbell Bower's amazing performance in Stranger Things 4, fans can't get enough of the artist formerly known as Henry Creel. In fact, people are even thirsting over the character.

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Now, Jamie Campbell Bower has reacted to the thirst in a hilarious video that involves him finding out what a Vecnussy is.

What is a Vecnussy?

Stranger Things' Jamie Campbell Bower just found out what a Vecnussy is and I’m screaming
Stranger Things' Jamie Campbell Bower just found out what a Vecnussy is and I’m screaming. Picture: Netflix

If you've been anywhere near the internet lately you'll know that Vecnussy is a portmanteau for 'Vecna' and 'pussy'. Stans have essentially taken the phrase, "she put her whole pussy into this" (meaning: she did something very well) and edited it to apply directly to their faves. To do this, they combine their faves' names with the word "pussy," and words like "Vecnussy" are born.

In a video for Netflix, Jamie reacts to a viral video of TikTok star Jack Wright dressing up as Henry Creel and booty popping with the caption: "pops vecnussy". Confused and giggling, Jamie says: "The Vecnussy, is that the butt cheeks? Is this what they're saying? Is this the Vecnussy, I'm popping my Vecnussy? Is my bum cheeks?"

Jamie then says: "If that's the case I'm very grateful. Thank you so much." Later on, he adds: "The Vecnussy's still getting me."

He also reacted to someone changing their Wifi name to Vecnussy by saying: "I'm gonna change my phone name to Vecnussy and I'm gonna airdrop people photos of Vecna's bum cheeks."

Jamie also responds to a fan who tweeted, "Jamie Campbell Bower really put his whole vecnussy into stranger things 4 like that man made the season a masterpiece," by saying: "Again, my Vecnussy, what is it? I don't even know where it is. I don't know what it is. Let alone, if I dunno what it is, how can I put all of it into something?"

He ends the video saying: "I mean I did put as much as I had of my Vecnussy into Stranger Things but if you can help me find my Vecnussy so that I can then put it into something else that would be fantastic. That would be great. Thanks."

Now, anatomically, a Vecnussy would be Vecna's pussy if he had one. However, as he does not have a pussy, Vecna's Vecnussy is actually his "bussy", which is gay slang for "boy pussy". In other words, a Vecnussy is Vecna's anus.

Elsewhere in the video, Jamie also reacts to people thirsting over the size of Vecna's penis, the image of someone attempting to lick Vecna's nose and even responds to Joseph Quinn's hilarious answer to a round of Kiss, Marry Kill between Murray, Victor Creel and Vecna.

Finally, Jamie reacts to a fan thirsting over 001 but not Vecna by hilariously saying: "I mean look if you can't have me at my Vecna, you don't deserve me at my 001."

We have no choice but to stan.

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