Primark's Stranger Things Hellfire Club t-shirts are being sold for £150 online

8 June 2022, 16:25 | Updated: 8 June 2022, 16:45

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

The Hellfire Club t-shirts were only being sold for £10 in Primark...

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People have been selling Primark's Stranger Things Hellfire Club t-shirts for 15 times more than the original £10 price tag.

As you know, Stranger Things 4 returned to our screens with Vol. 1 after a three-year long wait. From Jamie Campbell-Bower's performance to the rising popularity of Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill', we can safely say that the world has Stranger Things 4 fever.

But, as always with the release of the new season, along came the merch. MAC released a makeup collection in collaboration with the Netflix series, which included eyeshadow palettes and lip glosses, while JanSport released a whole new collection of "totally rad" backpacks. Then, everyone's favourite bargain shop Primark launched their collection.

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Primark's Stranger Things Hellfire Club t-shirts are being sold for £150 online
Primark's Stranger Things Hellfire Club t-shirts are being sold for £150 online. Picture: Netflix, Primark

In the Primark collection was a baseball t-shirt emblazoned with Hellfire Club. The t-shirt is being sold for just £10, so unsurprisingly fans have been eager to snap the t-shirt up. But according to the website, only a few sizes of the t-shirt remain in shops scattered around the UK, while it shows as "out of stock" in the majority of Primark branches.

So, sensing that there was some serious dollar to be made, it appears that people have capitalised on the rarity of the t-shirts and they're now selling them online for extortionate prices.

The Mirror reports that one listing on eBay has priced one t-shirt at a staggering £150. But while conducting our own research, we found some for a more reasonable £13.77. However, one t-shirt currently has 13 bids and is sitting at £41 on eBay…

People have been complaining about not being able to get the shirts, with some shoppers travelling a number of miles just to track it down. One person tweeted: "Really want that Hellfire Club t shirt but it’s sold out at nearly every Primark in the country." Another said: "Primark’s sold out of the hellfire club shirts even though it says it’s in stock online. Time to drink my violence milk."

But fear not Stranger Things fans, Primark have now confirmed that there's more t-shirts coming "very soon".

Sarah Jackson, Director of Licensing at Primark, told "The Stranger Things Season 4 collection has been a huge hit for Primark customers and Stranger Things fans globally. The Hell Fire t-shirt has been hugely popular, and we will be stocking more Hell Fire merchandise very soon."

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